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Digital Marketing and Online Reputation Management are intertwined activities and we provide result oriented reputation management services.

Online Reputation Management Agency in India

The online reputation management (ORM) is when to address any negative or false reviews or comments you adequately shown on the notifications of on your online properties like social media, Google My Business, etc. ORM primarily works by responding to negative customer comments on the web and reacting to stories in the media.

Why You Need ORM?
Your online reputation chooses how others see your business when they search for or find it on the web. Hence, online reputation management

(ORM) proactively impacts what information people will find.

There are various methods and strategies that can help you dealing with negative feedbacks down the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) by
handling with proper communication and proper replying to the customers. ORM  just about regulating content in web crawlers, but also for helps
you to gain more online reputation.  furthermore about managing negative business reviews and encouraging playful clients to offer all the
more sure information.

You just need Online Reputation Management in order to rank first in your industry or niche or to gain more competitive advantage or to gain more profits, etc.

How Is Reputation Management Different From PR?

Both Public Relation (PR) and online reputation are looks similar but they vary, as in Online Reputation Management focus on content and technical driven approach whereas PR only focus on relationship based marketing and also PR is more forward looking activities whereas ORM is a backend activities.

PR firms work distantly, for instance, through publicizing and made media exceptional undertakings. commonly a proactive effort to fortify imprints rather than restricting attacks on businesses. The online reputation of the board, on the other hand, is normally responsive. It incorporates looking for and responding to potentially hurting content from others or associations.  Most of the work that goes into ORM is managed inside by brands rather than by an external firm.

For what reason Do You Need to Manage Your Online Reputation?

The negative feedback or comments hurt a brand in the online context which can be solved easily if your take ORM.

They routinely little attacks—a negative comment here, a low star rating there. You need online reputation managers to manage all of these little blazes before they mean veritable damage.

ORM is in like manner noteworthy for caring for straightforwardness—an essential component of brand dependability in 2020. With the online reputation of the brand, your business fights negative cases by watching out for the direct and straightforwardly.

For what reason do you need to manage your online reputation?

Firstly to gain online reputation

Helps in Maintaining Your Brand Reputation

Increase your following on Social Media

Reduction in Negative comments

Positive Comments Feedback

For what reason are online reviews so basic to neighborhood associations?

In the past occasions, a baffled customer would have a genuinely confined group when it came to sharing reports on their negative understanding—they may tell their brief social event of friends and family, anyway sweeping dispersal of that verbal review would be outlandish. Not so in the age of the web.

We at, provides you the best Online Reputation Management Services India

Helps in Maintaining Your Brand Reputation

Aartisto helps you in maintaining your brand reputation by effectively
promoting it to different channel or by creating effective backlinks to
increase your brand visibility and thus help you in maintaining best brandReputation.

Increase your following on Social Media:

We first understand your brand needs and then work on the best practices to build your brand your brand online. We focus on various best tactics to improve your brand presence in the digital world.

Making Public Relations

It is the most important task for every brand as the brand reputation will be determined only by how they will interact with the people or
customers. We at know how to interact with the customers effectively and help you to generate more leads and sales by interacting with the right people and at the right time.


With Online Reputation Management, we will help you to gain more interaction, more leads, and more sales just by promoting your brand in diverse channels like social media, Google, etc.


Again, this is the crucial step in every organization. As it is generally said that, planning bridges the gap from where we are to where we want to go. We at help in making plans for your brand in order to get it more popular. Planning the content, promotions, strategies, etc. will help you in achieving great results in timely and cost effective manner.

Reputation Survey

Without the survey you cannot identify the need or problem that a customer is facing using your brand. We at, help you in
making effective survey for your brand so that it will gain more reputation day-by-day.

Positive Comments/Feedback

By promoting your brand to the people who genuinely interested in your brand helps in gaining positive comments or the feedbacks.

Reducing the Negative Comments

We help you in reducing your negative comments by proper handling your reviews. For Example:

In case your brand has negative review on Google, we first analyze that it was real or from fake id by asking them to provide receipts or transactional number, if it is real then we can effectively talk to the customer to enhance your reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online reputation Management (ORM) is a strategic process of enhancing and improving personal or brand reputation or value by by managing and using public relations, marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques which give positive brand value to a business/ brand or personal status in case of a person.

Online Reputation Management is essential for individuals and businesses as it helps in building positive aspects and defending from negative results in the world of internet. The following set of procedures has to be followed for good online reputation management:

  • – Reduction in negative search results or damaging items
  • – Personal/brand persona management
  • – Positive profiles creation and management on various platforms like Social Media, Social Bookmarking, New Portals, Wiki etc.
  • – Public/Media Relations
  • – Search engine optimization
  • – Social media optimization, marketing and promotions
  • – Review management
  • – Content writing and marketing

It is well known fact that we should never judge a book by its cover, but the whole world judges a book or brand by their first look. Once positive impression could not be forever positive, but once negative could become forever negative. Here comes the role of Online Reputation Management Agency. Almost every internet user in current times will keep searching for Product, Brand, Person or Service over the web to gain knowledge about them and to know if there is any negative feedback from previous users or previous clients. Here the Online Reputation Management plays key role in maintaining the positive and higher value of the Brand or Person by reducing the visibility of negativity. 

The Role of Online Reputation Management Consultant is not a routine job that he does a set of activities on regular basis. Day to day there comes challenges and also must very proactive and strategic in the approach. Professional services are not measured in one go as its completely dependent on current status of Reputation and future goals/aspirations of the brand or candidate. ORM plays very crucial role in Political Strategy Planning as well where politicians trying to build their strong profile in the public.