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How to advertise in disney hotstar? How much does it cost?

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How to advertise in disney hotstar

How To Advertise on Hotstar in India in 2021

Hotstar is OTT platform which offers the most catalogue offered on mobile devices and the web. It makes it a complete video destination for consumers. The platform is specially designed and built for one reason.

Between every over of Cricket be it IPL, Test, Regular One Day International or T-20 there will be a gap of 10-30 seconds between over to over. We also have Strategic Time-Out, Innings break etc., which is the space where we can reach out to huge audience.

It provides the best video experience for TV shows, movies and sports all in one destination. Get access to all episodes of your favourite TV shows, full Bollywood movies, English, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, as well as live sports streaming such as cricket, pro cabbage and badminton.

We all spend hours together huge amount of hours watching serials, cricket, web series or movies over OTT Apps like Hotstar, Netflix, SonyLiv, Amazon Prime Video and Youtube. There is a survey that states that smartphone users and SmartTV users, on an average spend Average time spent on smartphone up 25% to 6.9 hours amid pandemic: Vivo report.

Pre-COVID to Post-COVID the watch-time average increased from 4.4hours to 5.5hours.

Undoubtedly, Hotstar is the topper in online streaming platforms in India.

Getting Started with Hotstar Advertising

We have explored the efficiency and efficacy of Youtube Advertising Platform and the results are obviously wonderful. Have you explored or tried Hotstar advertising? Wanted to know more about Cost of Hotstar Adverting and how to setup the advertisement etc.

Step 1: Sign-up to Hotstar Advertisement Platform:

Getting Started with Hotstar Advertising

Login Screen of Hotstar

Is Hotstar Advertising worthy?

Hotstar advertising assures its users with 95% of guaranteed Viewership, 100% Brand Safety, More than 90% Completed Views.

  • More Engaged Audience
  • Creating more Brand Awareness
  • Objective based promotion
  • Target for more traffic or brand awareness
  • Almost all the shows are of minimum half an hour
  • Audience can be targeted basing on age, demographics, location and interest.
  • Sports being live streaming has more focused reach
  • The minimum amount required for Hotstar is Rs.1,00,000/-
  • Lowest budget to reach people globally.
  • Audience target based on Content
  • Target users based on their cellular network or mobile model.

Types of Advertising Options Available in Hotstar

  1. Billboards
  2. Native Ads
  3. Videos Ads
    – Pre-Roll Ads
    – Mid-Roll Ads
    – Bumper Ads
    – Lead Gen Ads
    – Carousel Ads

Step2: Setting up of campaign

After we signup and setup a campaign
Campaign Name, Brand Name, Brand Logo has to be given.

We need to select objective:

  • Brand Awareness helps if you’re launching a new product or service.
  • Traffic Target helps you to great number of visitors on your website.
  • Getting more exposure in short is possible if you Choose Impact.

Step 3: Select the Ad Format

  • Pre Roll
  • Mid Roll
  • In-Stream Display
  • Native Frames Ad
  • Spotlight Stubs Ad

Step 4: Deciding Ad set for your Hotstar ad Campaign

Display Ads:
– Billboard
– Native Image
Video Ads:
– Bumper
– Mid Rolls
– Carousel
– Lead Gen

Step5: Selecting Demographics and Geographic Location

Step6: Selecting Demographics and Geographic Location

Step7: Setting the budgets and determining the price model for the campaign

Process to Advertise with Hotstar and Budget

Video and Display ads there are different pricing models.

There are two different costing pattern and they are:

Cost Per Impressions (CPM) and Cost Per Completed Views (CPCV).

The price is fixed for the ad of 10 seconds and increases with the length of the video.

CPM– Cost Per 1000 Impressions is a metric that states that the impression will be counted when the ad starts playing on the browser or app.

CPCV-Cost Per Completed View is a metric that states that regardless of the length of the ad, the ad view will be counted on the completion of the ad.

Why advertise on Hotstar?

Hotstar has exclusive content on the Star TV channel. Also, Hotstar OTT serves a wide range of audiences. Overall, Hotstar advertising agency is a one-stop destination for reaching your target audience through digital branding and performance media.

1. Hotstar Banners Ads: Hotstar has two types of banner ads: in-stream banners and standard banners. Instream ads appear when users are watching a movie or show on Hotstar. These will be displayed for 6-10 seconds during the video. Both banners are typically sold at CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions). Banners can also be used based on cost-per-click.

2. Hoststar Video Ads: Hotstar has two types of video ads: pre-roll video and mid-roll video. The pre-roll video will play before the content starts playing. These are 6-second ads. Video midroll ads are typically 10 to 60 seconds long and are placed while the content is being displayed. These are priced at CPV (Cost per Complete View)

3. Hotstar Header Banner: This is the first property that users will see when they open the application. These are available at a daily cost.

Native ads: Text + logo ads placed below the content the user is viewing.

5. App Install / Lead Generation: These are price campaigns based on the actions taken by the user. Brands can run campaigns at rates per lead generated or per application installed by the user.

Who will advertise on Hotstar?

1. Brand
Brands that want to raise brand awareness need to advertise on Hotstar. This is because Hotstar offers a wide range of niche targeting options, including targeting by interest, age, gender, and gender.

2. Performance
You’ll find that brands looking to improve performance, app install/lead and click generation campaigns, offer a premium audience that Hotstar can easily record

Video Ads: Hotstar video ads are available at cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) or cost per completed view (CPCV). The price depends on the level of orientation you choose. The lowest base price is to target all viewers watching the video, and there is an additional charge to target more accurately. The price is defined as 10 seconds and the commercial period of the proportionally distributed video. You cannot bid on ads. Impressions or views are calculated based on budget and targeting and will be served during the campaign period of your choice.

• CPM: Ad impressions are counted when the app or browser starts playing the ad.

• CPCV: A view that counts when an ad completes, regardless of ad length.

Hotstar has a very high ad completion rate, over 90% for video ads up to 30 seconds and over 85% for video ads up to 60 seconds. Both CPM and CPCV work well for advertisers, depending on their goals and budget.

Display advertising: Display advertising available at a cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) or cost per click (CPC).

• CPM: When a display ad is delivered to a viewer, the ad impression counts.

• CPC: Clicks counted to the landing page or destination

How to Start with Hotstar Advertising?

If you are looking to get started with advertising on Hotstar, here’s what you need to know. Hotstar offers different kinds of advertising—both on-demand video advertising and traditional display banner ads. On-demand video ads appear every 6 minutes on every stream (there are 30 streams per hour, which means that your ad will be viewed by viewers more than 5000 times), while banner ads will be shown on all pages of hotstar.

Do I need to Hire a Branding Agency?

A lot of people believe that hiring a branding agency is a good way to promote their brand on one of India’s most popular streaming platforms. However, if you’re not doing it right, there are chances that your business could end up being blacklisted by Hotstar itself. Here are some pointers for brands looking to advertise on Hotstar.

How much does digital marketing agency charge for Hotstar Campaign Setup?

For setting up a campaign on Hotstar, you need to invest between Rs. 1 lakh and Rs. 2 lakh depending on your objectives. If your objective is brand awareness, then you can expect to spend anywhere between Rs. 1 lakh. Agency Cost will range from Rs.15,000/- to Rs.25,000/- Depending upon your budget.

Can I select to advertise only During Live Cricket in Hotstar?

Currently Hotstar do not offer such a feature. At present advertisers can advertise across all content categories and shows on Hotstar. However they are planning to introduce new features which will allow advertisers to reach out only to users during live cricket matches.

What is CPM in Hotstar?

CPM stands for cost per mile, or cost per thousand impressions. This is one of two ways that Hotstar makes its money—it gets paid when an ad has been viewed by viewers.

How to Promote Your Brand in Hotstar?

If you are looking to get started with advertising on Hotstar, here’s what you need to know. Hotstar offers different kinds of advertising—both on-demand video advertising and traditional display banner ads. On-demand video ads appear every 6 minutes on every stream (there are 30 streams per hour, which means that your ad will be viewed by viewers more than 5000 times), while banner ads will be shown on all pages of hotstar.

What is CPC in Hotstar?

To be clear, what we’re talking about here is Cost per Click (CPC), not Cost per Impression (CPM). CPC refers to how much you pay when someone clicks on your ad. It’s just like PPC, except there are no impressions involved—just clicks. A high CTR with low CPC indicates that your ad is effective at driving conversions; a low CTR with high CPC means that people aren’t clicking through or converting for whatever reason.

Best Agency for Hotstar Advertising?

When it comes to choosing an agency, there are no hard and fast rules. However, there are certain factors that will determine if you want an agency for your advertising campaign. Here’s what you should keep in mind when selecting one: Quality of creative idea/design: The crux of any advertisement is its creativity. Not all agencies may produce creative enough content for your brand. With Aartisto you can explore the result oriented solutions for Hotstar Marketing.

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