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If you want to attract customers while being modern, posting marketing quotes on social media should become a regular reflex! This helps reflect your thoughts and disseminate them to your fans. Are you going to make them think or smile? The most vital thing is that you captivate them! Here are the steps on how to post a advertising quote on Face book.

Find a quote that fits your community.

If your community has more women than men, moms, or even entrepreneurs, tailor your quote to your community. If you want to have a real interaction with your fans, your marketing quote needs to be communicative.

Use quote templates to make a pretty picture.

Writing marketing quotes is good; using quote templates to make pretty pictures out of them is better. The appearance of your quote is important: don’t you want your quotes to go unnoticed? The new proceedings of censorship at the university have correctly aroused the anger and indignation of many, reminding us of the importance of protecting freedom of education in an institution dedicated to the search for truth, the production of knowledge and the transmission of knowledge. This somewhat idyllic vision of the university, which still seems to be widely shared, corresponds less and less to what is becoming of this institution, which for many years has been worked on and undermined in its foundations by the emergence of postcolonial studies and whose the practice of censorship is only the most obvious symptom. The problem goes far beyond a minority of radical students, and it goes far deeper than one might think because it represents a radical change in the paradigm upon which university education is based.

The truth does not exist.

This is one of the main postulates of modern thought that characterizes postcolonial studies. There is no more truth, just interpretations. The search for truth assumes that everything has an essence, nature of its own that we will discover gradually and that these truths will be universal and timeless, that is to say, that they will be factual all over the place and at all period

However, this conception of truth, which was given to us by classical science and which was taken up by the theorist of the explanation, is today damaged by the postcolonial current for which there is no longer any truth, no longer of neutral, objective and universal knowledge, no additional ordinary neutral or usual norms, but nothing but interpretation which clash and for which every declaration becomes a following exercise.

Thus, information is transformed into power and cause is supplanted by the will to dominate. You will understand that here we have left the field of knowledge and epistemology for that of politics and ideology.

This is why, in postcolonial thought, universal knowledge becomes particular knowledge, the knowledge that passes itself off as neutral when it is the reflection of a majority hegemonic culture. A dominant information, white, male, heterosexual which, . Because the dominant project an image of the under enemy control. This postcolonial current will, therefore, make identity over determining in the analysis of a question and necessarily lead to a politics of identities

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