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Business Ideas for Single Parents: How Effective is Digital Marketing?

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Digital Marketing

Business Ideas for Single Parents: How Effective is Digital Marketing?

You’re going to be devoting a lot of time to being a single parent. You’d have to take care of everything! From picking out rare girl names to actually feeding, clothing, and taking them to and from school. It would most definitely tire your brain and body.

Single parenthood can make you feel good emotionally, but you’ve got to pay for things like rent, food, and other utilities. Work options can be limited for single parents. It will depend on several things – are family member available to look out for them while you work? Can other people watch your kids? If not, your choices will be a lot more limited.

Here are some business ideas to venture into!


There are a lot of different ways to freelance. Can you write well? Go online and search for “freelance writing.” There should be many options immediately popping up. You’ll get opportunities to write on various topics on subjects ranging from dentistry to sports. The sites might have you take some tests or provide a sample before you’re allowed to join.

Another great way to get clients is to post your writing availability on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Do you have skills in graphic design? Set up a domain on a free website and build a portfolio that features your previous work. That way, you can send links of your work to potential clients.

Social Media

This is a great way to potentially earn a good amount of money. Create an account on YouTube or TikTok. Consider doing this if you’re comfortable in front of the camera and can clearly get your point across. Pick something that you really love – drawing, make-up, nature, or astronomy, to name some. Then start creating videos. You might find this intimidating at first. Don’t be – it’s a learning process. Watch other creators and try to incorporate what they do into your own videos. Don’t expect to become as popular as MrBeast overnight.

Be persistent and you should grow an audience over time. If you reach a certain number of views or followers, then you can start getting money from the sites. You could even get brand deals from companies – they could pay you to talk about their products in your videos. Be careful, though. Your audience might think you’re selling out and stop watching.


Do you have a knack for being able to get great photographs? Can you capture the feeling when a couple says their vows when getting married? Do people tell you that you take great portraits? Do you like to travel? There’s bound to be a photography niche for you. You don’t need a whole lot of things for your photography business – a great camera, photo editing software, and a website that displays your most recent photos – Flickr is a possibility.

Instagram is a perfect app to use, though you should put a watermark on the photos. The watermark proves it’s your photo. Professional sites like Getty Images and the Associated Press use watermarks on their work. Otherwise, you risk people stealing them and using them for their own purposes.

Virtual Assistant

Are you very organized? Can you keep track of schedules? The second one is likely to be a given, especially if you have to keep track of your children’s various appointments. Put those skills to use as a virtual assistant. This particular job really came to the forefront during the pandemic, since everyone was working remotely. Your job duties can include things like answering emails, phone calls, and setting up meetings. You can help businesses run much more effectively while you stay at home.

These are just a few of the many at-home jobs out there. Other things include working in fields like interior design, makeup, nail design, and even dog grooming. You can find your niche – it just takes some looking.

The best thing about all this? You work when you want. Do some tasks in the morning before your kids wake up and go to school. You can do it at night after they go to bed. Take advantage of the time they are in school. It’s an unconventional schedule that suits you.

You’ve found something that you like and want to work from home. As you can see, the preparation is only part of it. There’s a lot more that you have to do to be successful. That also includes your marketing. You can spread the news about your business through things like social media, blogs, and email.

This doesn’t mean that you still won’t need support. This time, you could have family members or friends help out with packaging certain materials or setting up backgrounds for photo shoots.

This will likely be a slow process, since you will need to get your clients to trust you. Even MrBeast was relatively anonymous for a while. If you show that you can consistently do good work, then you’ll get more work … and more money. Then you’ll be able to support your family as a single parent.

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