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Developing a New Website? Shared hosting or WordPress?

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Developing a New Website? Shared hosting or WordPress?

There are many computer languages available in which users develop websites. It includes PHP, WordPress, and many more. If you are also a newcomer in the website development domain, you will be confused about choosing which computer language? On top of that, the biggest confusion part is how to scale your website online? For that purpose, you require a web hosting server to host the website and make it visible to your visitors worldwide.

There are many web hosting providers offering different web hosting services. Different hosting services include, shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and many others.  Reliable web hosting provider MilesWeb also offers the same with top-level features due to which they are the preferred choice for many website owners. They provide the best web hosting services to users worldwide.

Moreover, they have separate plans for WordPress websites and other languages’ developed sites. If you have developed your website on WordPress, the best budget WordPress hosting by MilesWeb is suitable for you. And if your site is developed on other computer languages like PHP or more, you can try shared hosting plans to host your websites.

Now the major question is, which hosting service is preferred for you? Below we have highlighted this answer briefly. Keep reading to know. Before that, let us an overview of what WordPress and shared hosting are?

Shared Hosting: What It Means?

Shared hosting services are a fantastic method to jump-start your online website presence, whether you have vast experience in website design and server management or you have never developed a website before. On their shared servers, MilesWeb offers managed hosting, which means their team of specialists handles the basic, repetitive duties of server administration for you.

In this type of web hosting service, server resources are shared with different hosting account users. Thus, shared hosting plans are affordable and reliable. On hostadvice you can see how much different shared plans cost. Even there is no point of data security concern because MilesWeb offers free SSL certification to website owners with their every shared hosting plan.

WordPress Hosting: What It Means?

WordPress hosting plans are configured only for WordPress optimized websites. In this type of web hosting service, users get a hosting infrastructure to host WordPress optimized websites. Moreover, they get updated plugins, themes, and other amazing features that make it a reliable web hosting solution for WordPress users.

Apart from that, many WordPress hosting providers offer managed server support to WordPress users. It helps in resolving technical issues and installing crucial applications, databases, and email accounts for a user. Also, in this managed server support, hosting providers monitor server resources and protect your web files from all kinds of data threats.

Are There Any Similarities Between Both?

Apart from the compatibility of web development languages, the rest of the features you might get the same. We highlighted the term compatibility because if you are developing websites on PHP or other computer languages (excluding WordPress), the shared hosting plan is a perfect choice for you. However, if your website development platform is WordPress, you can opt for WordPress hosting plans for maximum efficiency.

MilesWeb, the leading web hosting provider in India offers both webs hosting solutions to users at affordable rates. If you navigate to both of their plans, you will find several similarities. Therefore, figure out your requirement and the website development tool before choosing hosting plans.

Which Hosting Plan to Choose?

If you are starting to host websites, the very first criteria to consider is the cost factor. Referring to the above information, shared hosting is about as cheap as it gets. This makes it a perfect option for those setting up new websites and blogs.

Most website owners will find that shared and WordPress hosting plans are affordable and well worth it. However, as we said to you earlier WordPress hosting plans are reliable for users if they have WordPress-specific sites.

MilesWeb offers affordable WordPress hosting plans with managed support. It means your website will be a more efficient and secure site that’s taken care of by IT experts. Thus, WordPress users do not have the technical expertise to manage their sites.

Overall, we cannot take one side and give the verdict about which is the best web hosting plan. It all depends on your requirement and the language of your website. You have to make the right choice and choose the relevant hosting plans. Always consider those web hosting services that offer more security at a minimal cost.

Final Thoughts

MilesWeb offers reliable WordPress and shared hosting plans for users worldwide. If you have a low-scale website or looking for scaling your website online, both these plans are helpful. Both come with managed server support, website builder, control panel (cPanel), and many other features. Overall, website owners build a good online web presence with all configurations and server resources.

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