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How Much Do Google Ads Cost?

How much Google ads cost

How much does Google Ads cost?

This is a reasonable question and one that we always ask, especially for the search for payment from newcomers. After all, newcomers to PPC may be very curious about how much they are expected to advertise on Google and whether they can afford it!

Unfortunately, there is no easy, uniform answer. The obvious (and most annoying) answer we can give is: it depends.

This is because the price of Google ads depends on many variables. This guide includes these variables and more to help you decide whether to use Google Ads or not.

  • Define exactly how Google Ads Auction works.
  • Discuss the variables that affect the price of the Google advertising campaign.
  • To set a realistic budget for your Google Advertising account, delete comments you need to understand.

Finally, if your head spins after all this (which is completely normal) I will wrap everything around in a neatly packaged “key carry” section. But don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Let’s get into that.


Why is there is no clear-cut Google Ads price?

As mentioned above (why we wrote this guide), there is no simple or uniform answer to the question of how much Google Ads will cost your business. Google advertising costs vary depending on your industry, customer life cycle, and current trends (i.e. COVID-19).


For example, the business services vertical (legal, accounting, real estate, etc.) is one of the most competitive verticals in Google advertising, which is usually more expensive per click (CPC). This is due to the nature of the professional service industry: a new customer can earn $ 1k- $ 10k depending on your business, so CPC $ 50 is the smallest price to pay for that customer.

Art and entertainment vertical businesses, on the other hand, have smaller CPCs, but they need to reach more customers to reach that $ 1k- $ 10k number.

Customer lifecycle

You also need to take into account the life cycle of your customer. For great ticket offers, it can take a long time to move the decision-making process to potential customers, and your business should be kept in mind throughout the trip – including multiple visits to your website, content download or two, participating in the webinar, and many more — before taking that final step.

Current trends

Of course, mass consumers and businesses are changing their behavior, and the cost of running Google ads is plagued by the COVID-19 epidemic — in a way that is positive for some businesses and disastrous for others.

How does Google Ads work?

To get a real understanding of what Google ads cost you, you must first understand how the site works. The biggest misconception about Google ads is that the more money advertisers have, the more influence they have. A big advertising budget never hurts, Google Ads is a more playing field than many new advertisers have realized.

Google Ads Auction

Google ads work just like auctions. Let’s see how this process works. When a user types in a word or phrase (known as a search query) in the Google search bar, Google checks if the query currently contains the keywords that advertisers are bidding on. Google Ads Advertising will start if advertisers bid on any keywords in the user’s search query.

Ad Rank

Google will also calculate the ad rankings of each competing ad, which will determine where your ad will be placed in the paid results section. Advertising rankings are calculated by your maximum bid and quality score: your rating depends on several variables, which guarantee a completely separate post.

How does my Google Ads budget get spent?

A common (and unfortunate) situation is that many new Google Ads users find themselves spending their advertising budget much faster than they expected. It’s not only sad to see what you set aside for the month burn out in a few days; This is one of the reasons why many businesses believe that Google ads are too expensive. This is not necessary; often this is the result of a misunderstanding of how the Google Ads Budget works. So let’s adjust the record.

Starting your Google Ads budget

In general, you can think of your Google Ads budget like any other budget: start with the main image that represents the bulk of your budget, and then allow a little way if things change or something goes wrong. Especially for Google Ads Budget, a firm approach to launching a campaign-based budget.

Daily budgets

Each of your Google Advertising campaigns has its settings tab, where you can control the specific parameters of each campaign independently of the other campaigns in your account. So, each of your campaigns should have its daily budget. If you run multiple campaigns at once, be sure to spend your budget wisely and prioritize them.

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