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How to create a learning application like Byjus

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Byju’s Learning App Development

The impact of Smartphone technology is revolutionizing education more than ever.

With the widespread acceptance of e-learning and the great demand for online education options, the development of educational applications is now needed. But influencing people when there are many similar educational applications around us causes serious debate.

In other words, not only create a basic application but also create an application with unique features and user convenience. Enthusiasts are still in awe of how educational apps like byju’s learning app quickly gained millions of trust.

The byju’s website features a 4.7-star app rating, over 42 million downloads, and its users are spread across over 1701 cities around the world. It’s no wonder enthusiasts want to make copies of the byju’s learning app online and more. But a common question many of them ask is about the cost of creating an application like Byjus.

Steps required for creating an application.

If you’re new to writing apps, it’s quite common to get confused about how to do it with minimal errors. However, this can be achieved with minimal effort by following a systematic and wise approach.

  • Draw interesting ideas for your application
  • Do sufficient market research and A to Z research for similar applications
  • Perform a reality check and generate a mock-up of your app
  • Create attractive graphic designs to make them attractive
  • Create a landing page for your application

Now you’re ready to write your application using Xcode and Swift.

  • The application must be launched in the App Store for end users.
  • Do enough marketing to help your app get the right exposure.

Also, think about the uniqueness you can bring to your app, which is a prominent choice among enthusiasts.

Select the platform of the application

  • One of the key decisions is related to the application platform.
  • You can choose iOS, Android, or cross-platform apps.
  • However, the decision can significantly change the total cost of building an app.
  • If you choose a single platform, it is recommended that you consider iOS.
  • This is an important choice if you are planning to develop an app MVP. The test is only run on a small number of types of devices, so it is more likely to succeed.

Application requirements and characteristics

You can choose from basic apps with minimal features to advanced apps with prominent features like Byjus. Students and parents looking for an app like Byjus will probably be looking for the following key features:

Easy Login / Sign Up-You are usually expected to sign up via social media, email IDs, or mobile-based OTPs.

Flexible Subscription Options-Users Find a Convenient Way to Choose a Course of Interest

In-App Chat Window-This is one of the must-have features these days, as users are always looking forward to getting up-to-date on topic-specific inquiries and pricing.

Weekly / Monthly Test: This is one of the reasons parents choose Byjus as a weekly or monthly assessment of what their students have learned.

Social Media Sharing-With the influence of social media; students are eager to share their scores with their peers. This is one way to improve performance. FAQ: FAQs can help you get the most out of your application’s capabilities, as many queries can occur each time a person uses the application. 

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