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How to Enjoy Hidden Tricks in WhatsApp?

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Hidden Tricks in WhatsApp (1)

How to Enjoy Hidden Tricks in WhatsApp?


WhatsApp is a huge app with over 2 billion people using it all around the world. It’s changed the way we talk to each other. But there’s more to WhatsApp than just sending messages. There are cool hidden features and other versions like FM WhatsApp that have even more cool stuff. This guide will show you some of these hidden tricks to make WhatsApp even more fun to use.

Discovering WhatsApp’s Hidden Tricks

With over 2 billion people using WhatsApp, it’s a super popular app. Most of us just use it for regular chats, but there are some hidden tricks that many people don’t know about. Let’s look at some of these neat features.

1. Finding Deleted Messages:

Even when someone deletes a message on WhatsApp, you can still find it. There are special apps in the Play Store that let you read messages that were deleted. About 25% of WhatsApp users don’t know this cool trick.

2. Reading Messages Without Being Seen:

If you don’t want someone to know you read their message, there’s a trick. Turn on airplane mode before opening the message. This way, you can read it and the sender won’t know. This is a popular trick, especially among young people.

3. Setting Custom Notifications:

If you get a lot of messages, you can set different ringtones for different people. This way, you’ll know who messaged you without looking at your phone. About 30% of people using WhatsApp use this trick to help with work messages and other important chats.

Integrating Hidden WhatsApp Features into Daily Use 

Using WhatsApp’s hidden features in your everyday chats can really make messaging better. Did you know that every day, people send over 50 billion messages on WhatsApp? But lots of folks don’t know about all the cool stuff WhatsApp can do.

  • One cool feature is ‘Starred Messages’. It’s like putting a bookmark on important messages. Since most people send and receive more than 30 messages a day on WhatsApp, starring important ones makes it easy to find them later. This makes chatting more organized and less confusing.


  • Then there’s ‘Custom Notification Settings’. This is super helpful for sorting out your messages. WhatsApp has more than 2 billion people using it, so imagine getting lots of messages all the time! By setting different tones for different friends or groups, you can tell who messaged you without even looking. This helps you decide which messages are important and which can wait.


  • Also, there’s ‘WhatsApp Web’ – a lot of people use it, like over 5 million each month! It lets you use WhatsApp on your computer, so you can type on a big keyboard and see everything on a larger screen. It’s great for when you have a lot of messages to go through.

FM WhatsApp – A Way to Cool Hidden Tricks

FM WhatsApp is like a special version of the regular WhatsApp that comes with extra cool features. While lots of people use regular WhatsApp (over 2 billion!), there are many who are checking out FM WhatsApp because it can do more things.

Customization at Its Core:

What’s really fun about FM WhatsApp is that you can change how it looks and feels. You can pick different colors for chats and even change what the notification icons look like. This is great because nowadays, everyone likes apps where you can make things look the way you want. Research shows that about 70% of people are happier with apps that let them customize stuff.

Privacy and Security Enhanced:

FM WhatsApp is also better at keeping things private. You can hide when you’re online, make sure people can’t see if you’ve read their message, and even hide when you’re typing. This is super important because a study 

found that 58% of people who use messaging apps are worried about their privacy.

Extended Functionalities:

Also, FM WhatsApp lets you do more than the regular WhatsApp. You can send bigger files and have bigger groups for chatting. This is great because we’re all talking and sharing stuff online a lot more these days.

I am sure it has piqued your interest and you are curious to find out more. You can check the features for yourself by downloading the FM Whatsapp from the official website.

You will notice how exciting these extra features are and they take your communication to the next level.


In conclusion, embracing these hidden WhatsApp features not only streamlines your daily communication but also unlocks a new level of efficiency and personalization. As we increasingly rely on digital messaging, understanding and utilizing these functionalities can significantly enhance our interaction quality. I encourage you to explore and integrate these tips into your WhatsApp usage, transforming it from a basic messaging platform into a powerful tool tailored to your communication needs.


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