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How To Make Money With Instagram In 2024

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How To Make Money With Instagram In 2022


Creating new and fun content on Instagram takes time, and some like to say “time is money”. To support creators and businesses, Instagram offers several ways to monetize their accounts.

Social media networks are investing heavily in the creator economy. Meta announced plans to invest $1 billion in the creator economy by the end of 2022. For influencers and content creators, you can get paid for your creative work.

On the business side, the tools provided to you by these networks allow for easy collaborative collaboration with brand creators. In this mutually beneficial relationship, everyone wins in the creator economy.

In this article, we will discuss eight ways to earn money on Instagram. As a business, it’s important to be familiar with these methods so you can apply them to your own marketing campaigns.

Best ways to make money with Instagram

Sponsored posts and branded content

Businesses pay influencers to create brand-focused posts or content. On Instagram, branded content is set apart with a “Paid Partnership” label. The label provides post-performance data to the creator and tagged business partners.

Influencer marketing is one of the most common and familiar ways businesses use to make money on Instagram. It’s the platform of choice for 72% of creators, making it a great place for a brand to tap into the creator economy. 75% of brand marketers plan to dedicate a budget to influencer marketing, which is also a strategy you don’t want to be left behind.

Brand ambassador programs

Influencer marketing and brand ambassador programs are not the same. Influencer marketing relies on a one-time post or a few posts from someone, while a brand ambassador program asks for regular promotion. Ambassador programs often have other perks like product previews and affiliate links.

The business advantage of a brand ambassador program is that you get regular content from a trusted source. The contracts are long, so the brand ambassador also has a steady income.

Instagram Shopping

Social commerce in the US is expected to reach 100 million people by 2023.

Whether you have digital or physical products to sell, setting up Instagram Shopping opens the door to many opportunities. With this feature enabled, you can tag your products in your posts, captions and stories, and ads.

Affiliate and Creator Shops

In the affiliate program, creators can tag products in their posts and also set up a store of recommended products. Brands can set custom commission rates, create affiliate campaigns and view performance insights. On top of the brand commission, Meta will generate an approximate commission match and pay $40 for each new affiliate content.

Creator stores appear similar in format to the brand’s own store with a few key differences. Creator stores can carry multiple brands. Its products are marked with a “commission eligible” label.


Badges are available to Creators for Instagram Live videos as another way for fans to show support for their favorite streamers. Supporters who purchase Badges have heart(s) displayed next to their username. In addition, they unlock special features like being added to the creator’s badge holders list.

As this is still a relatively new feature, keep an eye out for expanded availability and updates from Instagram.


Content creators with a highly engaged fan base may want to take advantage of Instagram’s subscription plan. With this plan, creators can set their own monthly fees and allow fans to sign up through their profile pages. Subscribers get access to exclusive content and benefits like Lives, Stories and badges.

For creators, subscriptions offer the ability to earn money by publishing exclusive content. It rewards your most engaged supporters and provides steady income to creators.

Reels Bonuses

As part of Instagram’s push to encourage creators to create more reels, it introduced the Reels Bonus to a select group of creators. The amount of money earned is based on reel performance, but Instagram has yet to release any data to back up the feature’s success, however, according to the media company’s earnings range from $600 to $35,000.

Instagram Ads

Sometimes you have to pay to make more money. Fortunately, Instagram ads offer a wide selection of customization features from targeting audiences to making monetization more accessible. Some of the new hires include enhanced posts linked to WhatsApp, Reels and also in-stream videos.

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