How To Optimize Anchor Text And Why It Matters

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How To Optimize Anchor Text And Why It Matters

How much attention do you pay to anchor text in your online content?

This small but significant element is often considered an exaggeration or a backdoor, one of which weakens its impact on your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. But with the right focus, it can be an important tool for getting backlinks and boosting search rankings.

Anchor text – also known as a link label or link title – is part of a link that is visible to site visitors. It offers a combination of two places on the web, your website with the source website, so you can take it from source to destination by clicking on it.

By default, it is underlined and blue when not visible, and underlined and purple when viewed. Nowadays, you can change and customize the text style and color properties according to the website design.

Types of Anchor Text

There are different types of anchor texts and you need to know them well before you start upgrading them. These are:

Perfect match announcers

This means that the link label is identical to the focus keyword targeted by the page you are linking to. For example, this is a perfect fit when the anchor “Link Building Services” guides the reader to a page about link-making services.

Part- or phrase-matching announcers

Here, the link title is a keyword variant that fits the content very naturally in most cases compared to the right-fit versions. Based on this example above, the variant “backlink packages” will translate “link building services” into an anchor.

Branded Announcers

They refer to hyperlinks that use the brand name as an anchor. We often do this when we look at popular companies like Apple, Facebook, Shopify and connect with them. Unless your brand name is a spammy precise domain (EMD), the branded anchor will protect you from Google penalties.

EMD is a domain name that has a target keyword such as, which increases the chances of traffic to your site. But again, this is considered spam.

Naked links

If the URL is used as an anchor text, it is called a naked link. Google sees nothing but the URL attached here, so there is no valuable anchor for the naked link.

General Announcers

Two common examples are “click here” and “read more.” They are good, but they do not explicitly tell people or machines what to expect from the linking site, which is bad for change and SEO.


When an image is attached, Google refers to the alternative text of the image as the link. Another good reason to add description whenever you insert an image into your content.

How to write anchor text

Gone are the days when filling in keywords made web pages number one in SERPs. Nowadays, it’s about avoiding the right-fitting anchor text.

In the section above, we mentioned phrase-matching and branded anchors as safe betting. But what is the best label link format?

Google is the authority. Any serious SEO expert or content writer should know how to write text with Google Algorithm updates in mind.

What is Anchor Text Optimization and how to do it?

Now that you have an idea about the best practices for anchor text, we will break them down into practical steps. With focus and purpose, you can improve anchor text and improve your performance on SERPs.

But first: What is Anchor Text Optimization or Anchor Text SEO? Throughout this article, we will talk about how your link anchor text may indirectly affect your search rankings. Improving this element ensures that it leads to positive results.

These are just some of the things you can do to improve your anchor text, says Addison Phuong, Aartisto’s Link Architect:

“Keep the anchor text natural and relevant to your content.”

Hyperlinks that sound embarrassing can have a negative effect. They can make the reader care about clicking instead of impressing.

“Avoid excessive optimization.”

Repeatedly forcing the focus keyword into your link anchor text, and each version pointing to one of your pages may seem suspicious to Google. The search company may fine you, which may negatively affect your page rankings.

“Do not associate with spammy sites.”

Google ranks web pages based on trust votes from backlinks or other websites. In principle, you can get links from any site or send link juice. But it is better to deal with a reputable site to avoid being fined.

“Keep anchors in a place where users can easily see them.”

A nice anchor text example will be placed where those who are busy can see immediately. Increase the chances of users clicking on your link text at the end of captions, subheadings, images, and paragraphs.

“Link to in-depth or topic-related websites.”

The SEO anchor text should guide the reader to a deeper understanding of the topic. So the target page should not simply repeat information from the source page, except when it is relevant.

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