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How To Use Days of the Week in Hashtags

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The hashtag of the day sounds exactly like this. These are the hashtags that correspond to a
particular day. This is as easy as wearing the day alone. For example, you can use #Monday.

For each day, there are many popular hashtags available. Many of them have themes, so
they’re perfect if you’re tied down and need help creating content to post. Day hashtags are so popular with social media users that they are great for supplementing posts. After all, social media is social and was created for the sole purpose of having fun connecting with other users.

There are really daily hashtags. Daily hashtags are an easy way to increase your social media presence, but finding the right hashtag for your business isn’t always easy. We have put together a shortlist so you can choose from among the most relevant in your B2B environment.

Daily hashtags can increase social media posts and improve reach, but keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to get more customers to find you. For best results, use hashtags closely related to your product, service, and brand identity.

Some of these hashtags that we use only serve as ideas and inspiration for others.
Monday hashtag
• # MarketingMonday – I like this!
• # MotivationalMonday: Kick off your followers’ week with motivational quotes and photos
• # MondayMemories: Share your business memories or ask them to share their favorite memories to attract viewers

Tuesday hashtag
• # GoodNewsTues: everyone can use it more aggressively. Share short and enjoyable stories and videos
• # TechTuesday – Discover new devices and technologies used in your business and provide technical advice
• # TopicTuesday – Share your thoughts on popular topics in the industry
• # TuesdayTrivia – Test your followers’ knowledge of your business or industry
• # TuesdayTraining: emphasize your internal or client training program

• # TakeMeBackTuesday or # TimehopTuesday: share old photos of your business or industry Wednesday hashtag
• # WellnessWed Wednesday: share tips to keep staff healthy and active
• # WayBackWed Wednesday: Share Photos and Videos of Top Companies
• # WisdomWed Wednesday: share wise advice with industry-related fans

Thursday hashtag
• #ThrowbackThursday (aka #tbt) – Share your business photos right from the start
• # ThankfulThursday – Thank the people who have helped your company and your
customers, and tell them you are grateful. Gratitude can be a great help to build customer loyalty on social media.
• # ThursdayThoughts: listen to followers for ideas to improve their business

Friday hashtag
• # FearlessFriday – What makes you brave? Talk about how to overcome challenges related to your business.
• # FlashbackFriday: Post pictures of your childhood founder or early business
• # FeelGoodFriday – Post nice photos and quotes related to your industry, product, or service.
• # FeatureFriday: Present a particular product of the service, a loyal customer, or share customer-generated content.
• # FunnyFriday: share cool things about your company, clients, or employees

Saturday hashtag
• # ShoutoutSaturday – Shout out to one of the star’s employees or customers
• # SmallBusinessSaturday – Use this on SmallBusinessSaturday to promote your business, showcase nearby businesses, or encourage your followers to shop locally.

Sunday hashtag
• # SundayFunday – Share your fun moments of ways to use your company’s products and continue your weekend fun

• # SundayRead: Share one of your recent blogs or news posts
• # StartupSunday: show your passion for business
• # SpotlightSunday – Highlight and spread love among loyal customers and partner vendors.

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