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How to View Private Account on Instagram

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You love to browse Instagram, a fun way of sharing stories and moments with friends. You want to get connected with people you like, might be someone you really like and want to see their profile. But here you notice it’s a “private account”, “oh no! I wish I could have unlocked it’’. What if I tell you that there is a way to unlock that feature? You must be overjoyed reading this, and yes you should be. You are lucky you came to the right place where you can find that way to unlock private account.

Instagram is owned by Facebook and both are interconnected social media networks. Instagram is one the most used social-media platform you can find on the internet. You can add stories or posts of pictures or videos in it. On these posts you can add captions or hashtags with geo-tag of locations to share the or activity with followers or public. With these features it also includes a major privacy option for users to filter the audience of a specific content or profile.

Account can be Public or Private depends upon user preference. With Private account no one can view the content of the account without permission of owner only by acceptance the follow requests. What if you want to see the profile of someone anonymously and don’t want to send them follow request ? Well, Instagram won’t allow you to do this. But there are some tips and tricks you can follow to make it happen.

1. Follow Request

The most basic and obvious way to get connected and view profile of the Instagram user is to send them follow request. This option is given by Instagram for users who have enabled private account in their privacy settings. When you send a follow request, a notification would be sent to the account holder. And if they accept your request then congrats! you are lucky and you can now have the access to view all content of the account.

But generally, you won’t be here if you are lucky that other person has given you consent to view their profile or accepted your follow request. So, let’s see what else you can do to view it.

2. Google Search

The profile you are trying to view is restricted and you cannot view the posted content of it. But this method works if they have posted some videos or pictures when their account was not private. Just go to the Google and type the username of the account. Change search results to ‘images’ and ‘videos. If they had ever made some posts and at that time account was not private then there is a high chance you can find those posts here in results

3. Fake Account

You have sent a follow request and have waited for ages and it hasn’t been accepted, try your luck with fake account. With this method, make a new signup with Instagram and choose a female ‘display picture’ for it. By stats it can be confirmed that follow and friend requests of accounts with female picture are more prone to get accepted. It can work for your case too, so try it.

4. Social Search

When you are looking to find the pictures, videos, or information about some person you like or like to know more and you are stuck by seeing the private account option with follow request not being accepted. You can try to search the username with some alterations on different social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Twitter etc. People use many social media platforms and there is a high chance that you can find that person’s profile on one platform or other. So, give it a shot.

5. Mutal Contact

Sometimes you are looking for the social media profile of a person whom you know by some other person’s reference. It can be someone whom your friend knows or is a mutual friend. On social media it can also be seen as mutual friend or follower. So, you can ask that friend of yours to show you the posts of the person you are looking for. Afterall when you are really serious about something then “A friend in need is a friend indeed’’.

6. Third-Party Apps

Have you tried all the tips mentioned above? Still no luck unlocking profiles?
Well, don’t loose hope, because there are some dedicated platforms to solve that problem. These are in-depth but simple methods and certainly work for the purpose.

Surf through that address and you will find the homepage. It allows you to view the Private Instagram accounts anonymously.

  1. Click on the Spy Now option on the homepage. After clicking you will move on to the Instagram viewer page.
  2. You will be promoted to mention the username of the account you are searching, type that in.
  3. Proceed by clicking on ‘Access profile’ button.
  4. After processing the account info, you will be on the screen where you have the access to
    view the contents of that account.

Here is another great tool to view the private accounts of Instagram. Follow the steps to get through the process.

  1. Open in the browser, scroll through the homepage and find the “Private Instagram viewer’’.
  2. Select it and you will be promoted to enter the user-name of the targeted private account.
  3. After proceeding and some processing, you will see the information of the account like followers/following etc, to confirm the account, so that it’s not another account with same name.
  4. Select the “confirm username” when processing is done.
  5. You will be asked to choose the outcome, either to view photos or followers.
  6. Select the appropriate option and you would get the desired content. is an Instagram Profile viewer and Editing tool. You can simply search, and edit Instagram Stories, Followers, Posts, tags, locations, and Profiles at full size.

It’s totally free and no signup or verification is required for this. Now you can stalk your crush’s profile, Posts, and count followers without them knowing. Explore any Instagram tag, e.g. #trending, or you can check likes and comments under any post with this tool. Enjoy using it and share it with your friends on social networks.

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Social media is a way to get connected with friend and fans and share the life stories and events with them. Instagram is one the best and most useable platform in social media. It also provides people who have privacy concerns to filter out their content and accounts.

Its annoying and helpless situation when you cannot see and peek through accounts of persons you like or want to know. Your follow requests haven’t been accepted by person you are trying to reach out or they have blocked you.

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