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iOS App Development Trends for 2022

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iOS App Development Trends for 2022

iOS App Development Trends

Among the many branches of IT, ios app development is one of the most promising and popular. Not surprisingly, experts expect global mobile app revenue to reach $935 billion by 2023.

People’s needs are always changing, and businesses try to keep up with those changes. On top of that, users can choose from over 25,000 new iOS apps released monthly. If you want to stay on top of industry standards, you need to make iOS app development trends into account. Otherwise, you may not only take second place but be completely displaced from the market by your competitors.

The 6 latest apps in iOS development

Swift 6

It all starts with choosing the right programming language. For iOS app developers, Swift has positioned itself as a compact tool that is easy to learn and use. It is widely used by iOS app development teams in large-scale companies like Apple, LinkedIn, Slack, and SkyGuide.

So, what makes iOS app development with Swift so convenient and useful? Its compatibility, API and module consistency, clear syntax, and many other features help iOS developers to focus on code logic and quality.

Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence

ML and AI are not a novelty in iOS mobile development. We cannot imagine a successful iOS app without face and speech recognition, search suggestions, Siri, text and image classification, and other related features.

All these features have become essential for custom iOS app development and can greatly improve the quality of your product. That’s why ML and AI implementation will be one of the central iOS future trends in 2022 and beyond.

Augmented reality

AR is one of the latest iOS development trends that has been implemented very successfully. In recent years, it has become a real AR-mania on iOS platforms of any branch of human activity. It is very popular in entertainment; Take the case of Pokemon Go or animated masks and stickers on Instagram or Snapchat.

However, augmented reality is also finding its way into other branches like marketing, healthcare, design, etc. Giants like IKEA or L’Oreal have followed this iOS app development trend, allowing customers to see how their products look in their preferred environment. Making their decisions more efficient and convenient.

IoT and HomeKit

The Internet of Things is a great example of how important it is to connect iOS app development to changes in consumers’ daily lives. It is a technology that allows users to seamlessly connect all their devices to a single system.

In June 2014, Apple launched a dedicated home automation platform called HomeKit. This allows not only the integration of devices from multiple vendors into an IoT ecosystem but also the ability to control them from an iPhone or Apple Watch. It’s even possible to control these devices with Siri, the voice-controlled personal assistant: lights, garage doors, safes, locks, thermostats, fans, shades, coffee machines and more can now be controlled by voice.

App Clips

How to create an iOS app that consumers can use without downloading? App Clips is the solution and one of the modern iOS app trends. This technology allows users to use a portion of an app to evaluate it before getting the full version.

App clips are usually straightforward and offer a single task: to pay a bill, book a room in a hotel, rent a bike and perform other similar actions. These functional miniversions of apps are lightweight (less than 10 MB), so users can install them at lightning speed after scanning a specific QR code and following a link or visiting a specific location.


Cloud-based iOS apps deserve a special place among the top iOS app development trends of 2022. They are capable of storing, organizing, and managing large amounts of data without affecting the user experience.

CloudKit is a tool for storing and transforming data that opens up new opportunities for iOS app development. Now, there are fewer constraints in accomplishing complex tasks and meeting the expectations of the app’s users.




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