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Public Relations (PR) Agencies In Kolkata

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Public Relations Agencies In Kolkata

Public Relations (PR) Agencies in Kolkata

Orion PR

With its unique “Style of PR “, Orion PR & Digital Pvt. Ltd. (popularly known as Orion PR) is a leading Public Relations communications agency in India, bringing an innovative approach that delivers results. Established in mid-2004, Orion PR has served more than 500 clients in a decade from all major sectors.

Adfactors PR

Adfactors PR, founded in 1997, is the youngest of its flagship firms. It is also the largest PR agency in India. A multi-specialty, full-service firm, we serve over 300 clients across 40 cities in India. Clients include some of the largest corporations, conglomerates, financial institutions, and governments, as well as bright, young start-ups and unicorns.

Candid Communication

Candid Communication is a professionally managed public relations and event management agency headquartered in Kolkata. Established in 2003, it is recognized as one of the largest public relations, event management, communication, and marketing companies in Eastern India.

Digital PR World

They are well connected with famous social influencers across India. Hence the right place for your brand. There are many things you can do for branding but Online PR will give your brand an extra push to build an amazing online reputation.


Launcherz, a top-quality PR, and event management company, is specially built to retain clients at any time and guides them on how to brand their organizations nationally. We are a leading public relations, event, and strategic marketing agency located in Kolkata, India. Launcherz has grown at a high rate and added many customers. In continuation of our endeavor to be the best Public Relations agency, now our services can be availed not only in the eastern region but also all over India and abroad.

Carpe Diem Communique Pvt. Ltd.

Carpe Diem Communique Pvt. Ltd. is a boutique Public Relations and branding agency with a reputation as a game changer in the region. Breaking boundaries is our second habit. The first is to set them all up correctly.

Pressman Advertising Ltd.

We are India’s only listed advertising agency. One of India’s leading independent full-service advertising agencies with vast capabilities and a substantial reputation built over four decades. We provide advertising, design, media planning and buying, market research, and digital and public relations services to hundreds of clients from every industry and government sector.

Excel Communique

Focused message and accurate result, concise Excel information. Established in 2012, we have successfully worked in the Corporate, F&B, Entertainment, and Lifestyle sectors over the past few years, building satisfied customers with happy brands and moving from strength to strength. We work extensively with our clients to understand, advise, develop sustainable campaigns, adapt to conditions, and develop Public Relations programs essential to accomplishing our mission.

TAG Communis

Life is how you perceive it. In a world where all companies are more or less striving to create a positive place in the minds of consumers amidst many misconceptions and misconceptions, standing tall with the crown of reputation is very important and a requirement of public relations. It comes in the picture. By playing the game of perception, you can dominate your competition or destroy it to the core.

Public Relations Society of India

The Public Relations Society of India (PRSI) is the national association of public relations practitioners and communication professionals in India. It works primarily for professional development. It formulates and explains the objectives and potential of PR as a socially useful function and upholds its value as an integral part of management. It maintains close links with educational institutions to promote public relations as a subject of management studies.

Swavalambi Bharat Abhiyan (SBA)

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