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7 Major R&D Center Services Provided in a Software Development Sector

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7 Major R&D Center Services Provided in a Software Development Sector

The software development industry is known beyond setting up an r&d center for an organization. Other tasks are often provided by the best remote R&D center services company dedicated to growth and development. There is so much a business can benefit from getting a reliable provider, on-site or offshore. Knowing these things is important so a company can identify the challenges it won’t have to worry about. In this article, you will find 7 major software r&d center services to get acquainted with. 

7 Significant Software R&D Center Services

Let’s say you hire a third-party company; below is a list of 7 research and development services you’ll get. 

  • Technical & Non-Technical Solutions 

The basic service provided by the company is technical and non-technical solutions. It mostly involves consultation and the development of a solution plan. When an organization reaches out to a service provider or partner, they clearly have a challenge that needs to be dealt with – in this case, an offshore development team. It is the provider’s responsibility to analyze the problem, offer a strategy, and recommend the best location to set up an r&d center. This partner understands the brand’s needs and comes up with a beneficial solution while considering its budget. 

  • Recruitment

If a brand is ready to set up a software research & development center, a provider’s next responsibility is to initiate the recruitment process. This partner understands the impact of good team performance and invests solely in finding the best talents within a preferred location. The recruitment process to find skilled developers or specialists takes 3 to 5 weeks. 

  • Human Resource Management

Human resource management is also one of the provider’s job descriptions. It is important in this development sector because issues with employing/recruiting new members and maintaining the relationship between them are inevitable. Here, this third-party company sets up significant HR policies revolving around corporate work culture, performance assessment and benefits, certification and training opportunities, corporate events, and health and wellness plans. These policies focus on maintaining every developer’s well-being and ensuring they can work collaboratively under one management. 

  • Team Management

Running a software r&d center is tedious; there is a lot to manage. An organization may not have the luxury to oversee the offshore team’s operation and welfare. However, the responsibility lies with the hiring company to ensure that nothing from the team hinders the expected productivity. Team management involves an established relationship between the development team and a local people partner (who is often referred to as a dedicated manager). The latter is responsible for ensuring effective communication among the team and relaying info from the company to them. The person is also responsible for making requests from the organization, thus, acting as a mediator. 

  • IT Support 

Over the past few years, maintaining an advanced IT infrastructure has been difficult. It takes hiring a team of skilled IT specialists to overcome possible problems. Unfortunately, there is little to what a company’s in-house team can do –their focus could be divided, eventually affecting productivity. With an alternative like an r&d center, IT support is a guarantee. The service provider hires specialists who maintain, serve, manage IT infrastructure, and oversee data security. 

  • Administrative Duties

An international r&d center means a brand should be ready to set up a mobile office in any region based on talent needs. It can be difficult for the company to do that from its headquarters (or current location). Luckily, one of a provider or partner’s services is administrative work. They are responsible for office setup, branding, security, coordination, maintenance, and other admin duties. 

  • Legal and Finance Support

An organization planning to establish an offshore development center understands the risk and challenges involved. Legal and Finance (tax) issues are on the list, and it can be difficult managing them from their current location. The r&d partner provides legal and financial support to solve this problem. They are experts in local labor and global tax laws, so they know what to do that would be beneficial to the brand.


Software r&d center services are vast and consequential. Any organization planning to set up an offshore or nearly-shore research or development center needs to know them to solve significant problems. The most important thing, however, is to find a reliable partner or provider, and there will be no trouble. 

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