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Tools that help businesses during COVID-19 

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Coronavirus changed work and life. Amid this reality, making decisions seems complex, but some aspects must be taken into account when the time comes to make them. And, after this crisis, the world will be different, and we will have to be prepared to adapt to the rapid pace of transformation. Also, all this should be in the concise term, turning the strategic plans into projects of a few weeks. Small businesses are suffering the most. We are going to present to you some tools which can help to overcome this problem. Digital branding Institute will help you to get more information about the same.

  • Confluence: to share information In order not to lose important company information between e-mails and computer folders, companies can archive and organize content in a single environment thanks to the Confluence platform, which can be compared for all purposes with a private encyclopedia of the company.
  • G-Suite: to create, share and save filesIt is necessary to have access to company files also from home. Therefore, the G-Suite package is ideal, which includes Drive, a space in the cloud to save files, and Docs, Sheets, and Slides to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations respectively. G-suite also allows multiple users to collaborate simultaneously on the same file Digital branding company india.
  • Google Hangout: for meetings and presentations For online meetings and presentations, which are vital when working remotely, companies can use the Hangout Meet video conferencing service. Digital branding Agency india Hangout is also perfect for a night with quiz games or having a virtual snack with classmates.
  • Microsoft teams: The best tool for online business meetings. Audios and video both calls are possible with this tool. Using this app can discuss any business matter online and no need for face to face interaction.
  • Google Calendar: for time management Working from home is easy to lose track of time, but remembering meetings, tasks, and deadlines is a requirement. Google Calendar is very useful for this purpose, particularly if it is used as a calendar visible to all colleagues. If you want gets more information regarding these tools then open site advertising agency of india

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