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Understanding Online Buyer Behavior for Digital Branding

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For Maintaining the digital branding of your business it is very necessary to understand the online buyer behavior as how they interact in the online platforms and market-place. It is a type of behavior which is exhibited by customers while browsing websites of an e-retailer in order to search, select and purchase goods and services in order to fulfil their needs and wants.

Above is the process of buyer decision making in an online platform. There are certain factors which affect the buying decision. If you understand all these things you can effectively manage your digital branding as digital branding fully based upon the customers.

1. External Factors:
It includes, demographics, personal, cultural factors, legal factors, and social factors. These are the various variables in external factors which affect the online customer buying decision or selecting decision.

2.Market Stimuli:
It includes Marketing Mix. I.e. Price, Place, Promotion, Product, Physical Evidence, People, and Process.  As we had already written an article on this you can refer it by clicking here

3. Web Experience:
It simply means customers experience as how he/she may feel when he/she visits a website. There are various factors like site speed, simplicity, performance, security etc. which affect the web experience of the customers. So, these are the factors which affect the online buying behavior of a customer. Watching these factors would help you in understanding the customers preference as how he/she may react according to different situation.

By reading this, now you can easily manage your digital branding. If you still need help we are always there for you. Contact

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