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What Are the Most Popular Trends on YouTube?

When it comes to video sharing, YouTube has long established itself as the biggest industry leader. It is hands down THE most popular online video sharing and social media platform. No matter what kind of video content you seek, YouTube is the answer.

              What Are the Most Popular Trends on YouTube?

What Are the Most Popular Trends on YouTube?

When it comes to video sharing, YouTube has long established itself as the biggest industry leader. It is hands down THE most popular online video sharing and social media platform. No matter what kind of video content you seek, YouTube is the answer.

Not only is YouTube the most popular among viewers, it has also become one of the fastest growing sources of passive income for content creators. Both marketers and content creators rely on YouTube to apply their video marketing strategies and garner views from 2.1 billion viewers monthly.

Therefore, staying aware of the popular YouTube trends is essential for marketers and content creators alike to stay relevant. Wondering what the most popular trends on YouTube are currently? Read on to learn about the latest YouTube trends so you can stay ahead of the game.

Top 8 Most Popular Trends on YouTube

1.   YouTube Shorts

Did you know that YouTube Shorts have the most number of monthly users as compared to any other short-form content platform? That’s right! YouTube Shorts has even left Tikka behind in terms of popularity. It gets more than 1.5 billion users every month, which is quite impressive considering it was only launched in 2020.

Today, many YouTubers have started using Shorts to bring diversity to their channels. These short-form videos are loved by viewers because of the instant, ad-free content they offer. They can even download YouTube Shorts by using a YouTube downloader for Mac.

Not only does YouTube incentivize content creators to produce Shorts videos, they are also fairly easy to produce as compared to Instagram Reels and Tikkas.

2.  Skincare Reviews

Whenever buying a new skincare product, I always hop onto YouTube to search for a review video to decide whether or not the product will be worth it. Skincare review videos on YouTube have become so popular with millions of views on each of them. Not only are these videos incredibly informational, they also include affiliate links to the products which can help you make money every time someone clicks on them.

The skincare niche on YouTube has been growing super fast, with a focus on both men’s and women’s products. It is one of the fastest growing YouTube trends where influencers and beauty bloggers buy certain skincare products, use them, and share their experience to help the viewers make an informed purchase decision.

3.  Tech Unboxing

If you are a tech geek, you may have definitely YouTubed your favorite tech products before buying them. Even if you are not planning on purchasing a tech item, simply watching these unboxing videos feels quite satisfying.

Tech products unboxing videos have been a popular trend on YouTube. As soon as a hyped tech product is launched, YouTubers get into a rat race to be the first one to release unboxing videos. These videos accumulate millions of viewers within days of being released.

For instance, whenever the latest iPhone or MacBook is released, you will find all the tech YouTubers rushing to get their hands on the products and release unboxing videos.

So if you have a tech channel, creating unboxing videos about the most hyped products could get you millions of views in just a few days.

4.   <H3>YouTube Live

YouTube Live streams have gotten really popular this year as they offer the perfect opportunity to tell a live story. They are more personal and engaging for the viewers as they can help you connect to them in real-time. This entices your viewers to stick around for longer.

YouTube Live allows you to engage with your viewers in a really exciting way. It is more relatable and authentic, which is why people stick around for 8 times longer duration when watching a live video. By speaking to them directly, you have even more chances of gaining their trust and loyalty.

So if you want to reap the full benefits from YouTube, you may want to jump on the bandwagon and go live on YouTube Live every once in a while to answer your viewers’ questions or to simply share a story.

5.   How-To Videos

When you assign a hard task to a millennial, the first thing they are going to do is to search on the internet how to do it. Although how-to tutorials have been trending for a long time now, their popularity has not slowed down even slightly. In fact, the platform has even made it easier for how-to videos to be visible to viewers.

Whenever you type in a how-to question on a browser today, you will immediately see a step-by-step YouTube tutorial showing how it’s done. These tutorials instantly attract users as they offer quick solutions.

From cooking recipes, home DIYs, makeup, and skincare to tech, gaming, and business, you can create how-to videos in nearly every niche. They offer great value to your viewers and simplify their lives. Therefore, they are one of the best ways to capture your audience.

6.   Gaming

Video gaming is one of the most popular niches on the internet today with hundreds of websites and YouTube channels dedicated to it. In fact, some of the most popular YouTubers on the platform are associated with this niche, including PewDiePie, who currently has 111 million subscribers on YouTube.

If you are into video games, this is the best niche you can grow your channel around. There are more than 40 million gaming channels on YouTube currently, which speaks volumes about the niche’s popularity.

From gaming guides, upcoming games, gaming consoles and PC reviews to live game streams, game reviews, and mudding, there is a huge variety of content that you can create in the gaming niche.

7.   Satisfying Content

From ASMR videos to relaxing content, people have been relying on YouTube to calm them down and reconnect, especially after the pandemic. ASMR, meditation, yoga, and other oddly satisfying videos (such as pimple popping) are quite popular on YouTube.

So if you are someone who finds pleasure in the little things in life, you can produce satisfying content on YouTube to leverage this demand. Whether it’s a yoga channel, an ASMR channel, or a kinetic sand cutting channel, you will surely be getting tens of thousands of views!

8.   Shop with Me

If you have ever purchased a product after watching a YouTube video, congratulations! You have successfully become a part of the immersive shopping experience. Immersive shopping is a fairly new trend on YouTube which involves content creators visiting different shops to offer “shop with me” experiences. These also include hauls at different stores to simulate a real-world shopping experience.

Such types of videos are insanely influential and often result in the viewers buying that product. They also have higher chances of going viral, which results in the products being “sold out”.

So if you love shopping and feel like this would be something right up your alley, you can make a lot of money with this kind of content.


This pretty much sums up our overview on the most popular trends on YouTube today. If you are a content creator or a marketer who uses YouTube or is planning on starting a new channel, make sure to follow these trends to ensure fast growth on the platform. Stay one-step ahead of your competitors by following these trends. Good luck!

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