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You have worked tirelessly to create the strongest, the best blog post in the industry. It is full of case studies, examples, rich media and statistics, and has been carefully written and edited to be both entertaining and actionable. It’s a great pleasure to see a blog post rank one on the SERP – and it’s heartbreaking to watch it suddenly start dropping in rankings. If you search for almost any keyword, there is a good chance that today & one will not hold that position in a few months. With over 4.4 million blog posts published every day, it's easy to get desperate ever to hold a leading position on the SERP – and it can be if you&we are not struggling with content decomposition.

What exactly is causing content decay?
Content decay is, put, content that has been declining in traffic over the past twelve months. In many cases, this can be directly related to a drop in SERP rankings, which unfortunately happens naturally over time.

There are some reasons for content decay, including the following:
Brands tend to focus on moving forward rather than looking back. They give preference to new content, which results in the discontinuation of advertising of past content on social networks, in email newsletters and advertising campaigns. This result shows a direct loss of incoming traffic. Google prioritizes new content. Google loves relevant, fresh content that matches the latest news. Google tracks three types of searches when it comes to fresh content: regular events, frequent updates, and hot topics and recent events. Digital branding company india If you don’t publish new content, this can lead to the fact that even the best resources can eventually make it to the SERP. New competitors can show up and grab your best SERP rankings. branding company india Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for competing blogs to use the skyscraper method, in which another writer mostly takes your top content, adds to it to make it much better, and tries to usurp your rankings.

How content decay affects your SEO
Content disintegration naturally negatively impacts your SEO efforts, which in turn results in less traffic coming to your site. This can leads to a downward spiral if you don’t take steps to correct it as soon as possible. As fewer people are clicking on your article due to insufficient visibility, your rankings will drop more and more, and at some point, it becomes more challenging to rank your site well again. website advertising agency  Unless you put in the effort to update your content which he will show you how to do in a minute, Content decay and its negative impact on your SEO strategy are almost inevitable website advertising agency.

Take a look at this example, demonstrating that Google prioritizes recursiveness. You can see the first three results were obtained last year. Your rankings will drop as content sets disintegrate, no matter where you are in the SERPs
and even if your brand consistently ranks well on the search engines.

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