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What is Google Analytics 4? Drastic changes in Google Update

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Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 is planned for comprehensive user analysis. These are the days of single-time reporting and GA4 is one step closer to closing the gap on cross-site user travel with a focus on user accession, retention, confinement, and lifetime value.

9 Google Analytics Important Updates

Brand new data

When you develop a Google Analytics 4 property or upgrade your existing account, you will start with new data. Your present Universal Analytics properties will not reduce any data, you can continue to use it, Google Analytics will start collecting new session/user data for the property, unfortunately, there will be no historical data within the property.

Aims and conversions

As you get new user and session data on your GA4 property, completely modified events and destination changes. By its very nature, all changes must be event-based and not URL-based or in any other way known to us before. This means that once you have set up and installed your property, you need to enable an advanced scaling event tracking system to automatically capture more events and then start assigning certain events as changes within the property.

Automatic event monitoring

Unlike Universal Analytics, an event became a hit type. In GA4, all hits are events. The most meaningful events in the browser or application may automatically capture and sent to the property.

This is an advantage for those with less technology. But can add a lot of noise and confusion to the property by the number of events available.

Displays and filters

If you have now set up your GA4 property, surprise that “views” don’t found. We are glad to see that the visuals in Google Analytics are often misused. Also, easily replaced by some thought filters and sections. We appreciate you taking a nearer look at your previous views and Universal Analytics and see how you can turn them into one section.

Channel groups

Due to its appearance, the default channel groups on GA4 have changed slightly. In addition, GA4 seems to focus less on channel groups and more on source/medium combinations to analyze traffic acquisition resources and characteristics.

For new channel groups, they are finally segregated from the “paid search” in the “paid community”. We will interest to see how this develops over time, and whether Google will add additional channels to the mix. Also, provide additional guidance on best practices for UTM tracking and auto-tagging.

Improved Auto Insights and Machine Learning

The powers that be at Google are improving their best machine learning technology to provide automated intelligence and insight to analytics users.

The intelligence gathered from machine learning methods is very promising and is a wonderful way to gain new intelligence and visibility in problem triggers without doing any dirty work.

Research report and analysis tools

One of the most pleasant features of GA4 is the extension of reporting, analysis, and customization tools. With strong templates, we can analyze user behavior with an unprecedented level of user experience and visibility in Universal Analytics.

Build last

According to their documentation, Google Analytics 4 will be the future and will continue to receive updates and maintenance. Google Analytics 4 is ready to withstand the inevitable blow to data compliance terms such as GDPR and CCPA being in the accuracy of our report.

Take quick action today

Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for GA4s today:

  • Keep both Universal Analytics and GA4 properties for a while before cutting ties with the UAE.
  • Combine GA4 with your Google Advertising Properties.
  • Check your data retention settings.
  • Add your internal filter exemptions to the property.
  • No matter what Google says, this product is more complex than it appears. You will want to spend some time in the document to fully understand the basics of the monitoring site.

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