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15 Questions to Ask an Agency to Assess Inbound Marketing Capability

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The 15 questions to ask a digital marketing agency

Inbound Marketing Capability

We all know the benefits of inbound marketing capability. Inbound marketing is a strategy that uses a wide variety of pull marketing – content marketing, blogs, events, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and more to create brand awareness and attract new business. Traditional, intermittent and often disgusting outbound marketing (such as cold calling) is coming inward when it falls. This is because it has the potential to offer offers such as higher incoming ROI, lower price, and higher value than outgoing price to customers.

Here are the 15 Questions to Assess Inbound Marketing Capability

Strategic Goals

1. Who are their previous customers?

If you check out some of the agency’s work and notice that all of their clients are P2B manufacturing companies and you are a trampoline park, you may want to notice.

2. Will the agency work with me to set and achieve organizational goals?

Every action that can be provided should be relevant to your company’s overall goals. Ask them how they combine marketing activities with site traffic, lead creation, and revenue.

3. How does the agency measure the success and success of marketing spending?

This question is especially obvious if you consider marketing as a giant black hole that blows thousands of dollars every year. It can take months to test what works and then multiply these results, but the company must prove ROI from marketing campaigns and advertising costs.

4. What things did you like about the last company you worked for, and what did you hate?

If this is not your first rodeo, review why you are looking for a new company. Record the positives and negatives of the experience and be honest about what kind of results you want in this new company.

Offerings and capabilities

5. Is this agency the only store for your marketing and web design needs, or does it specialize in PPC advertising?

One of the most important factors to consider is the variety of services a company can offer. Every company is better in some respects than others, so you need to know exactly what is needed to make sure your company is the right fit.

6. How will most of the work be eliminated?

A marketing company may offer web design, but will these designs be outsourced? It does outsource some things, but if you are updating or completely renaming your company’s website, the most comforting thing is that experienced designers or web developers are the staff.

Get to know the team

7. Who do you work for regularly?

You may have learned from different work experiences that the people you work with have a huge impact on your daily happiness and success. When you hire a marketing agency, you get new team members. To give the market any definitive results, the minimum retention period is 8 to 12 months.

8. Does the team fit in with my company individual?

You want to work with a company that has your own values. Are they fun and friendly or cool and analytical? A bit of both is a great alignment to your own corporate culture.

Tools & marketing software

9. What project management tools use them?

Now that you know what kind of work they do and who works, it’s time to look at how. Not all tools and software are created equal.

10. Which marketing software makes them stand out?

If you already use marketing automation software and are not interested in switching, find out if the agency has experience with that particular site.

Account Management

11. How often do we meet?

The tools and software used will play a major role in how you manage your account and report progress. Some clients prefer to meet once a week, while others prefer a casual appointment once a month.

Express your expectations from the beginning so that the company can assemble a team and schedule that meets your needs.

12. What is the format for these meetings?

If you are close enough to have occasional face-to-face meetings, this is definitely a plus. Not everyone wants to travel every week or every week for a meeting with their company.

13. What is the format of these meetings?

If you are close enough to hold face-to-face meetings from time to time, this is definitely a plus. Not everyone wants to travel every week or every week for a meeting with their company.

Understanding the contract and proposal

14. How long should my contract be?

With incoming and content marketing, you are less likely to see returns in 3 to 6 months. An agency can understand your business and start your marketing campaigns, but it can take time to see significant results – don’t push them if you don’t see revenue after the first month.

15. What is included with this agreement each month?

Contracts from different agencies vary, and you need to know when they are being delivered. Know what to expect so your project will continue, and there will be no surprises on the road.

I hope these questions will help you towards a successful, collaborative relationship with your next marketing company.

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