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Are Reseller Web Hosting Plans Configured for Higher Profits?

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The web hosting industry is an emerging business niche that gives more return. According to reports, $171.4 billion will be the market value of the web hosting industry by 2027. That is why many web developers, biz owners, small enterprises and even individual bloggers have started their web hosting businesses under their brand names. It is all because of cheap reseller hosting by MilesWeb with the 100% white labeled feature.

On the other hand, if you have to build your web hosting business, get high-end dedicated servers and allocate their resources according to the clients’ requirements. Also, you cannot ignore the importance of having an IT team to manage all sorts of hosting aspects. For that, purchase MilesWeb’s WHMCS reseller hosting plan and the managed support. MilesWeb is the leading web hosting provider offering 100% white labeled reseller web hosting plans with a top-notch web hosting infrastructure. 

As a website owner, you will get an optimal hosting infrastructure with many cPanel accounts, WHMCS software to automate billing activities, and enough space to host unlimited clients’ domains. 

Now, you might have the question of whether this reseller hosting service is configured for a higher profit or not? In this post, we have answered this query. Give a quick look.

Do I Have to Tell Clients Tell I’m Using Reseller Hosting?

If you say this, your clients will lose the trust and prefer the parent web hosting provider from which you are purchasing Reseller hosting plans. Hence, the answer is NO! If you opt for a 100% white labeled reseller hosting plan, resellers can sell web hosting packages under their brand name. It means if you purchase MilesWeb’s Reseller hosting plans, the service provider MilesWeb will not put their brand name while reselling their hosting plans. Resellers will be the original web hosting provider for clients. 

Does Reseller Hosting Grow with My Business?

With the growing business, your clients will also increase. So, it is a good measure to cross-sell your product. For instance, if you are running a web development company and provide a hosting service along with the same, create a profitable package that suits clients’ budget parameters and hosts your websites and applications. 

If you purchase MilesWeb’s reseller hosting plans, there are chances that you can host websites of multiple clients with complete efficiency. And the best part about them is that they offer trustworthy services, which helps in maximizing your clients’ base.

How can I Generate More Profit from Reseller Web Hosting Plans?

As a biz owner, there are different strategies that you can follow to generate more income through reseller web hosting plans. 

1. Charge for Add-Ons

When you purchase reseller hosting packages from the service provider, you will be getting different resources like CPU cores, bandwidth, disk space, cPanel, and many more. And purchasing the same from MilesWeb will not cost you a single penny because all such features are included in the cost plan. 

However, you can charge your clients while reselling and ensuring a good profit margin. As MilesWeb’s Reseller hosting services are 100% white-labeled, your clients will not know the original web hosting provider. Also, you can charge your clients for providing 24×7 customer support if required.

2. Promote Your Hosting Business 

Run social media ad campaigns, and PPC ads, and do enough marketing to maximize the reach of your hosting business. We recommend you leverage digital media marketing channels to ensure the reach of your hosting business worldwide. Also, do not ignore SEO measures where you will be creating a webpage and making it attain a higher web page rank.

Use cost-effective advertising measures to maximize your hosting business’s reach so you will get more clients in this manner. 

3. Create Profitable Hosting Packages

Let us explain this pointer with the help of an example. For instance, if you purchased a reseller hosting plan of Rs. 300 per month, sell it with some add-on features with your existing brand for Rs 350/ monthly or Rs. 400/ monthly. Therefore, you can say that reseller hosting plans give a good profit margin to resellers. However, the right marketing and negotiation skills with clients matter a lot. 

4. A Trustworthy Service

Clients are paying you to provide a reliable web hosting service and you have to meet their expectations. Or else, many alternatives to your hosting business offer the same service. Hence, extend them customer assistance and resolve all customer-related issues. 


Pick the top-notch reseller hosting plan from MilesWeb and ensure you get a good profit margin. With MilesWeb’s Reseller hosting plans, get access to premium hosting features and give your clients a good hosting experience. Host their websites with a guaranteed uptime of 99.95% and automate all their web hosting operations through WHMCS software. Check them out today!

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