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Azure Artifacts feed continues to make product accessible to everyone

Azure Artifacts

Access to our user interfaces is essential as Azure Artifacts continues to be the hub for thousands of developers to host, consume, manage packages and share artwork to create.

Azure Artifacts feeds now support Web Content Access Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, the latest accessibility recommendations provided by the World Wide Web Federation (W3C). This is in line with Microsoft’s goal of making products and services accessible to all.

In addition, we’ve changed the design of the URLs for the artifact feed user interface to make it easier to read and compatible with Azure DevOps URLs. As a result, previous links to the Azure Artifact Feeds UI need to be updated.

Old URLs take the form


The equivalent readable URL would be


Azure Artifacts Customers

Previously, Azure Artifacts customers were only able to use packages locally through an upstream stream from Maven Central, which has been a barrier for customers who want to make full use of our services as they depend on other major repositories of DevOps.

As part of our current commitment to improving Azure artworks, we are pleased to announce that Azure Artifacts now supports Google Maven Repository, Gradle Plugins, and Jitpack as upstream resources. Azure artifacts added their own support for upstreaming to the PowerShell gallery.

To run these maven repositories or Powershell gallery upstream, either create a new feed and enable upstream sources or edit an existing feed to add an upstream source feature.



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