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4 Businesses That Can Benefit From Using a Currency API

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APIs are integral in the creation of functional websites and software. Standing for Application Programming Interface, APIs are essentially communicative tools. They contain protocols that enable different products to communicate with each other in order to create a digital ecosystem. They enable developers to add different functions to their products without drastically altering code. Many modern enterprises rely heavily on Application Programming Interfaces when creating their software and developing functional websites. Some people explain APIs as if they were contracts: code that contains agreements between types of software as if they were human parties. The API ‘contract’ contains information that determines the parameters of any possible interaction.

Currency conversion APIs allow businesses to display and offer prices in all of the currencies of the world. They allow for the real-time exchange of currency conversion information so that any app or site that displays prices or rates can be up to date. Here are some of the business types that benefit the most from this technology. 

Tourism And Travel

The tourism and travel industries have an obvious need for currency exchange APIs. Both of these industries cater to people based in countries that use various currencies. Because purchases in these industries are often relatively large, out-of-date currency exchanges can end up costing customers and companies huge amounts of money. Constantly updated currency data is necessary in order to offer consumers a genuine representation of the price they are expected to pay. Currency APIs help to improve the user experience of online travel and tourism consumers all around the world. 


The growth of global online sales has truly globalized the retail market. Ambitious ecommerce business leaders are well aware that they are not always selling to their local markets. Currency exchange APIs enable ecommerce websites to display the prices of their products in different currencies. The best ecommerce websites use APIs and IP trackers to automatically show consumers prices in their local currency. Check out for more information on how ecommerce leaders can make this technology work for them. 

Even the smallest ecommerce business can realistically expect to appeal to markets beyond their national borders. They can no longer afford to ignore the need for websites and applications that are equally as useful in a foreign land as they are in their home territory. 


Marketing agencies don’t just work on the creation of content for clients based in their home countries. Agencies working with international clients generally need to convert rates as accurately as possible to ensure that they are paid the correct amount of money. Marketing agencies frequently make use of currency conversion APIs.

Forex Trading 

Forex trading – the trading of currencies based upon their fluctuating exchange rates – is naturally reliant on knowing up-to-date exchange rate figures. The analysis of historical exchange rate data is also massively important in the creation of sound forex trading strategies. Forex trading strategies are usually based on the understanding and analysis of patterns in exchange rates. 

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