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How to create a Page on Wikipedia

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Create a Wikipedia page

Reasons to create a Wikipedia page

Wikipedia is a living encyclopedia where anyone can add their pages, articles, and knowledge. Topics include anything: Green Day (band), pinball, and also content marketing.

Do you want to create a Wikipedia page? Here are some indicators that this content may meet your wants:

  • You have the business transformation technology that your company has invented or developed.
  • You will not find any information about your technology or heading on Wikipedia. This prompted me to suggest that I create a Wikipedia page for the technology of my client.
  • Your founder or company “significant.” Wikipedia editors use “significant” testing to determine if your material guarantees a Wikipedia page. If your company has found something or your founder has a reference to a person, your company or founder may be a good candidate.

These are the following steps to create a Wikipedia Page

Avoid overwriting and double-check that the article does not exist

Before you create a Wikipedia page, make sure Wikipedia has not already published an article that you think or write.

In the site’s search box, type your item to see if any similar topics appear in their database.

If your topic appears, then you will want to find another part to write about that is not there already.

Even if the title does not appear in their search engine, Google is always likely to refer to it on Wikipedia. Do the same thing on Google for this subject. If it does not appear in Google’s code, it is not yet published, and you can choose that title.

Explore the title for your Wikipedia page

Before you create a topic of your own, make sure you have a well-relevant and unbiased title.

Your writing should be of high quality and achieve acceptable academic standards with the right references. You will need to add quotes from relevant external sources. Wikipedia editors will reject articles that advertise your personal business or website. This type of advertising content is often flagged as spam.

Most importantly, do your research in advance before writing anything. Read the next steps below to better understand which topics to write about and which to avoid.

Search for WP: RA in the search box

The Wikipedia search box will appear at the top of every page on the website. The box contains a variety of useful search functions that you can type. The search function “WP: RA” is useful for reviewing topics to write your Wikipedia article.

  • WP stands for Wiki and Pedia.
  • RA stands for Requested Articles.

So, if you go to the search box on their website and type WP: RA (without quotes), it will bring up many requested article titles.

Hence, this is a great way to find a topic to write about, as others are especially looking for these types of articles.

Register your Wikipedia account

First, become a registered user of Wikipedia. Registering an account on Wikipedia allows you to provide a user profile with many advantages. For example, it allows you to receive messages from other users about changes made to your articles. Additionally, you can get credit (non-financial) for your writing and contributions.

If for any reason you choose not to register, try submitting an article proposal with articles for works on Wikipedia. For more information, type “WP: AFT” in Wikipedia’s search box.

Quote your sources correctly

To create a Wikipedia page and accept an article, it is important that you cite your resources from reputable sources. For example, reliable references may come from published books, magazines, and newspapers. Trusting external sources from personal blogs may appear to be less credible and may not be recognizable.

For more information about quoting sources, type “WP: CITE” in Wikipedia’s search box. This will take you to more useful tips and guidelines on reference.

Use the Wikipedia Sandbox Editor

Sandbox is the name of the text editor of Wikipedia that you use directly on their website to create and submit your articles. Also, You can type your article in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, but you must paste it into the sandbox to submit the content.

So, to get more convenient with the process, practice writing in the sandbox and learn how to use its tools. For more information on using the Sandbox editor, type “WP: SB” in the Wikipedia search box.

Enter and review your Wikipedia article

When you’re ready to put your content in the sandbox, do another search for Wikipedia’s search engine and then click “Go”.

If you still have time to write about the topic and it is only after your hard work research, your title will appear as a link at the bottom of the search box.

Click on the text URL of your subject and you will be gotten to the sandbox editor where you can add your article.

Publish your article and wait for approval

After the Wikipedia staff editors review your article, they may request additional resources from you if they deem it necessary. However, if everything is right with the article, it will be available to the public.

Remember to click “Help” anywhere in the sidebar menu if you need extra help publishing articles.

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