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Catchy, Creative & Best Post Ideas for Facebook

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Catchy, Creative & Best Post Ideas for Facebook


If you want to adapt your Facebook strategy, you need to make sure that you are posting content that your audience will love. Engaging content is key to increasing reach and interactions with your Facebook Page.

If you’re wondering what to post on your business Facebook page that will resonate with your audience, we’ve put together a list of 15 different Facebook post ideas to help increase engagement.

Best Ideas for Facebook post

Start with a story

Telling a story is one of the best Facebook content ideas because it resonates with real people.

They can relate to it, especially if they’ve been through something similar.

Brand Building

Your goal is to build your brand so you can show what it’s all about.

Do this by making sure the brand’s logo and colors are prominent in your posts.

Your logo should be unique and stand out from the rest.

Your color should dominate most of your posts and content, even if they don’t have a template.

The post What is trending

Social media content about trending topics is actually rewarded by news feed algorithms.
You can find topics that your fans are interested in or talking about.

By posting content around it, you have the opportunity to interact with your fans by asking questions, responding to comments, etc.

Time your posts

Time is important. This also applies to your posts.

Most people will tell you that the best times to post on social media sites are 12 PM, 3 PM, and 7 PM.

These are common times based on a cumulative average.

Choose non-peak hours

Peak hours are not ideal times to post on most social media channels, including Facebook.

As many businesses compete for a spot on the Facebook newsfeed during peak hours.

It’s hard to get engagement if you post all at once.

So one of the easiest Facebook post ideas for marketers like you is to post during off-peak hours.

Change profile and cover photos

Change your profile picture and cover picture regularly. By doing this, you can keep your page, fans and followers updated.

A couple of tips:

Profile pictures should always feature or at least include your brand’s logo.
Cover images allow more room for creativity.

Share what’s on your mind

Facebook is already saturated with many “sales” posts promoting its new products.

Try sharing what’s on your mind that day and see if your fans respond!

Take the opportunity as a small and medium business to share the thoughts of the people behind the logo.

You’ll be surprised how interested people are in communicating and engaging with business owners and employees, not just your product or service!

Take a Selfie

In terms of popularity, selfies are still one of the best posts.

Make sure to make your selfie interesting and relevant to your business.

It’s a great way to connect your brand with your fans while making your brand a little more unique.

Your fans will definitely engage with this type of post and react strongly.

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