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Check the AQI Before You Select a Summer Holiday Destination This Year!

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Check the AQI Before You Select a Summer Holiday Destination This Year!

You seek summer break to keep yourself going through the year with some sanity. Luckily, the U.S. is home to gems like heritage sites, national parks, and beaches that give you ample scope to rejuvenate your mind and body. However, beaches can be more appealing if you care for your lungs and mental peace. These locations naturally promote good health because of their pristine maritime air. You can look at their AQI to determine the same.

AQI 0-500 shows a place’s air health accounting for the presence or absence of pollutants. Any destination under 50 AQI has good air. But you can also choose areas higher than 50 but lower than 100 on the AQI scale depending on certain factors, such as family members’ age and medical condition. Nevertheless, here are quick choices that fall under AQI 50, ensuring that your summer vacations with family and friends are safe and enjoyable.

Cannon Beach, Oregon (AQI 20)

As per, this Oregon coastal location has good air quality. The famous summer hotspot is a tiny seaside town about 90 minutes away from Portland on the west side. During August, the city receives minimum rainfall, creating a perfect opportunity for visitors to explore its beauty. You can witness the charming Haystack Rock and seabird species like puffins. There are sea caves and tide pools off the shore. Driving through the streets, you come across various art galleries, shops, and restaurants. Hotel accommodations are also easily accessible.

Charleston, South Carolina (AQI 31)

Another option is this beach city that attracts lots of travelers every year. The mild climate and cobblestone streets define its characteristic charisma. If you love food, American history, and beach time, it’s your thing. Since the air quality is also good, you can spend long hours in the open with full energy. When you are here, visit the first Civil War battle site, Fort Sumter. The picturesque town will offer glimpses of its existence since the 1600s. Take a horse-pulled carriage to experience yesteryear’s glory.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts (AQI 34)

This beach location is everyone’s favorite, including locals and visitors. As you take a tour, you will notice that Cape Cod extends from Plymouth’s Sagamore Bridge on the south to Provincetown. It also has a lighthouse on one end. Those traveling from Boston can take the ferry to Cape’s tip. Or, even a road trip will be exhilarating as you watch the scenic beauty pass by. Since the air quality is good, your mood and energy levels will also be in great shape.

Virginia Beach, Virginia (AQI 44)

Many people cherish this location as part of their childhood memories. This East Coast continues to serve everyone in the family with its sandy beaches, historical spots, and sightseeing options. You can go to the Fishing Pier to bask in the coastal views or try your hand at fishing. One of the parks organizes live music and entertainment for summer evenings. If you explore more, a zip line facility will allow you to witness the majestic wetland forests. Or, you can go kayaking to watch dolphins. It’s better to sift through this beach on foot to enjoy its richness. Because of good air quality, you can spend an entire day here stress-free.

Like these, many other summer destinations are available. You can make your trip with family and friends safe and adventurous at the same time.

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