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12 ways to Promote A Facebook Business Page

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12 ways to Promote A Facebook Business Page?

Facebook Business Page

When promoting a new product or service for your business, it can seem like there are endless options. Figuring out where to start and which advertising methods will give you the best results can be difficult. The truth is, there are many low-cost ways to advertise your business, and what might work depends on your industry, offerings, and audience. The 12 ways to Promote A Facebook Business Page

12 ways to Promote A Facebook Business Page

Offer loyal customers an exclusive preview

Your loyal customers play an important part in how you promote your product, as they will not only buy it but also promote it to their networks. This can take the form of an in-person, in-person, or virtual pre-launch event, online tour, preview, or demo. Or, it could even be a special invitation to check it out and give feedback.

Use a special introductory offer

Instead of announcing your new product or service, you can make it available as part of a special introductory deal. This agreement can take many forms, including:

  • Discount price.
  • Reduced-rate bundle or package.
  • Joint promotion with a complementary business.
  • Voucher or coupon with purchase.
  • Buy one get one free deal.
  • Double the points if you have a loyalty program.
  • Free gift for every referral.

Make use of Google My Business

If you have a Google My Business account, there are several ways to promote your new product or service using your Google Business Profile. The first is through Google My Business listings.

Run a social media contest

Social media contests are a fun, easy way to connect with customers and bring in more fans/followers and prospects for your business. Facebook contests get an average of 34% new customers per campaign, which is a great way to combat the site’s low organic reach.

Spread the word via email

Did you know that 82% of consumers open emails from businesses and 76% of email subscribers have made a purchase from an email marketing message? Email is a fantastic channel to get news about your new product/service. Plus, it provides a great incentive to get subscriber signups in the first place.

Write a blog post

When promoting your new product or service, you don’t have a landing page for customers or subscribers to go to. After all, your new offer may already be an upgrade on a platform or account. In this case, your goal is not to get more customers but to engage existing customers or re-engage inactive customers.

Host an event

Events not only get customers excited about your new product or service, but they also give you new opportunities to engage personally with you or other employees of your business—a great way to win them over as customers.

Offer a complimentary upgrade

If your business is more service-based than product-based, such as a salon, spa, fitness center, or consulting business, you can offer customers an upgrade to try your new service. Are you promoting a new facial or massage at your spa? Offer existing customers a complimentary (but temporary) upgrade. Expanding your agency’s PPC offerings? Add the new service to existing customers’ packages at their legacy price. Another option is to offer free shipping on your new product for a limited time.

Allow trade-ins

If your new product is, in fact, an upgrade of an old one, consider a merchandising plan. Trade-in ads are useful because customers are more likely to use their existing token or credit to buy a new product (in this case, a product they own). You can resell old trade products (if they are in good enough condition) or use them for future gifts.

Share customer reviews

One of the best ways to promote a new product or service — and to market your business in general — is to let your customers advertise for you. If you use some of the ideas mentioned earlier (such as an upgrade or offering a free trial), you can ask them to write an online review of the new service or provide information for a testimonial.

Post on social media

If you use any of the tactics mentioned above to promote your new product or service, make sure your social media accounts (as many of the companies in the examples above did) spread the word about your deals and offers. This is an easy way to reach your audience and your followers can easily share your post on their own profiles.

Run Facebook ads

With 1 billion daily active users, Facebook advertising is a huge base of people interested in your new product or service. Facebook ads are highly effective because personalized data voluntarily provided by users’ profiles allow them to target incredibly specific audiences.



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