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Convincing reasons why your company should be using digital advertising

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Since it reached mass appeal in the late 90s, the web has completely transformed all aspects of modern life and is now a vital resource in business. From company websites to social media advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and email marketing, the internet and its associated tools are now an essential part of a company’s promotions strategy. 

Digital advertising has transformed modern promotions 

Where previously firms were largely limited to the traditional forms of advertising (e.g., print, TV, radio, billboards, etc.), now companies of all sizes (and all budgets) are almost spoiled for choice in terms of how they can promote themselves. Moreover, unlike the older advertising models, digital marketing can be highly tailored to your firm’s precise requirements – and at a much lower price than previously would have ever been possible. 

If you’re trying to decide whether your company should use digital advertising as part of its promotional strategy, below are just a few reasons that might help tip the balance:

Digital advertising is targeted:

Because companies like Google and Facebook have such a comprehensive understanding of their users’ tastes and preferences, they can offer highly targeted advertising campaigns that can be limited by market demographics and even location. Also, should you decide to work with a skilled advertising firm to produce and manage your campaign, you will also be able to improve ROI paid ads – meaning you get considerably more bang for your buck. 

Digital advertising is traceable:

In days gone, firms would pay for adverts on TV, radio, or in print, with very little feedback or idea of how successful their ad had been. It was virtually impossible to know if anyone had actually paid any attention to an advert or how well it had been received. With digital advertising, this system of guesswork is completely removed and you’ll know exactly how many users interacted with your brand, at what time, from what location, etc. This means you’ll be able to gauge the relative effectiveness of your campaign and make changes where necessary. 

Digital advertising is comparatively cheap:

Traditional advertising and, in particular, TV and print advertising was often prohibitively expensive (particularly for smaller, lower budget companies). However, with digital advertising, many of these costs are significantly reduced. Sure, you’ll still have to pay to have the graphics or video produced but the delivery costs are much, much lower. 

Digital advertising can have a massive reach: It’s estimated the average person now spends a massive 397 minutes per day online (this figure equates to a staggering 6 hours 37 minutes). If you choose your platform correctly (and, of course, set your demographics correctly too), this means you could reach a huge number of people, very quickly and very easily. Of course, conversely, you may decide you want to limit the number of users by age, location, interests, etc. With digital advertising, anything is possible, and reducing your level of reach will also result in reduced campaign costs. 

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