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Difference between PPC and SEO

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Difference of PPC and SEO

Difference between PPC and SEO

The main difference between search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay per-click (PPC) is that the traffic coming through SEO (Organic) is free, not the traffic generated by the PPC (as the name asks you have to pay-per-click). Both PPC and SEO are part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), one of the tools you can use as part of your overall web marketing campaign.

This is one of the reasons why you sometimes see organic search engine lists and paid search engine lists.

Pay-per-Click  vs. Search Engine Optimization(PPC and SEO)

Position in search results

As you can see in the screenshot above, you can see the PPC ads above and below the organic results. Where your ad appears depends on a number of factors (such as the keywords you are targeting, the keywords in your ad copy, the keywords on your landing page, etc.) but it is above or below the organic results.


The SEO traffic I mentioned above is free and paid for by the PPC, although this is absolutely true, you need to understand that it takes a lot of effort and hard work to get absolute free traffic from search engines.

There is a lot of competition for every keyword you search for, and you really need to have a high quality website and the best SEO plan to get one of the top 5 places.

Some “SEO” companies try to sell you but there are no shortcuts. If you do not know how search engines work or know nothing about SEO, the best way to get search engine traffic is to hire an SEO expert.

The good news with PPC is that you only pay for the clicks that your ad receives, not for the views. In addition, you can determine your daily budget in advance and not overpay, and calculate the average cost for the keywords you want to target.

Traffic Potential

SEO (Organic Traffic) can get more traffic than the PPC, so if you can rank your website for the keywords you want, you get more traffic than you pay for those keywords.

Therefore, organic transport is better when compared to the transport and cost of the first side stages for SEO traffic and PPC transport. Some studies suggest that PPC ads get more clicks than organic, but this is a huge expense.

On the other hand, if it is very difficult to get the first page positions for a keyword, then paying for transportation may be your only option as the second and third page positions will bring in 0 or less traffic.


If your ads are highly targeted and optimized you are more likely to convert visitors from the PPC than from a visitor search.

This is because a webpage can rank different keywords (other than those initially intended), so the search visitor may not be able to properly search for the content (or product) presented on that particular page.

On the other hand, if you run a successful PPC campaign, you will only get clicks from an audience that is 100% interested in your content or products.

Easy to use

Doing SEO or PPC is not easy if you do not have the knowledge and experience you need.

SEO is a running process that requires a lot of time and effort. It shall take many months or also years to rank for specific terms.

On the other hand, to have some better results with PPC and SEO, you have to take a course or hire a PPC expert to help you. Otherwise before you understand how it works you will lose a few hundred dollars.

The bottom line: first PPC and SEO then

The key is that you should use both PPC and SEO as part of your web marketing campaign.

The PPC can give you quick results, so you can run a PPC campaign and test which keywords change best, and then try SEO to rank those keywords.

Use PPC when you have a high conversion product and use SEO when you have a limited budget to spend on advertising.

SEO can take time but when the results (under certain conditions) last longer you stop clicking with the BBC, traffic will also stop.

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