Interruption Marketing: Is It A Good Fit For Your Business?

What is interruption marketing

Interruption Marketing

Interruption marketing or intercept marketing is a short-term tactic that puts a product or service in front of customers without their permission. Can you think of something from your daily life that fits this definition?

As a consumer, business owner, or marketer, you may find regular suspects:

  • Cold call
  • Direct mail
  • Email spam
  • Television or radio commercials
  • Print Ads
  • Telemarketing
  • Digital ads such as pre-roll ads before the content and intermediate (more interactive than pop-up) ads you like

You may remember that one or more of these promotional products translated into a bad user experience (UX) – this is an unacceptable decision in modern user-centric markets.

Interruption marketing vs. Permission marketing

With its credit, interruption marketing has had its pinnacle as a well-oiled machine delivering instant results. For example, TV commercials may increase sales by five percent in the first month of a campaign. But considering the massive cost that comes with TV commercials, the benefits may only be for brands with big advertising budgets.

Furthermore, marketing interference involves reducing people’s activities and feeding them a marketing message. In turn, consumers either display ads on their Divo or block ads on their mobile browsers.

Permission marketing, introduced by Seth Godin in 1999, is an alternative to disrupting marketing. This trick draws people towards the message in different ways. Your social media marketing strategy (especially Facebook marketing strategy), video marketing strategy, email marketing strategy, and content marketing strategy use permission marketing to attract attention in the digital age.

All of these strategic efforts initially interfere with your target audience (those you target based on data), i.e. when you ask for someone’s email address or they follow you on social media. But they also value people’s time and consent. They make contact with customers. Ultimately, these activities build trust in the community of subscribers or followers and promote change.

Interruption marketing is very stable in the long run, which makes it very cost-effective. However, it can take time to build and build results. You can speed up your decision by partnering with a competent video marketing company.

What good is Interruption marketing?

Most types of Interruption marketing come from traditional marketing. It is not fair to say that they are dead because some more people are participating in the advertising budget of brands like TV and radio commercials. But you have to align these practices with the needs of the digital age. Here are some instances where interruption marketing can be used with a twist:

Retargeting: Integrate your social media marketing strategy or Facebook marketing strategy and place visual advertising of a product that a user is interested in.

Content Advertising and Distribution: Use video marketing services and trust your social media strategy when gaining a new audience to notice your content.

Rebranding/Product Release: Combine TV, radio, or print advertising with digital marketing solutions to effectively and exponentially increase brand awareness.

A Better, Holistic Proposition

Godin floated interruption marketing vs. Permission Marketing has been around for over two decades. Moreover, Consumer behavior has changed dramatically. Also, the internet has brought back electricity to customers who want to stay uninterrupted.

“What is Interruption Marketing?” We discussed the answer. However, by listing its forms and their impact. Often, the pros outweigh the cons. While intermittent marketing presents rapid successes, digital strategies are sophisticated and sophisticated in delivering precise targeting, creating competent leads, and delivering high returns (ROI) on long-term investment.

If you need help getting started, you can never go wrong with an experienced online marketing company that develops a comprehensive digital strategy, including social media advertising and video marketing. Aartisto fits this description exactly. We also offer video marketing services, so you do not have to work alone with a video marketing agency.

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