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Dis-appearing Messages in Whatsapp

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Whatsapp is among the best apps that are almost installed by every user on their smartphone.
Recently, the Facebook-owned company WhatsApp has introduced a new feature, i.e.,
“Disappearing Messages” for Indian users. As per the guideline by WhatsApp, this feature can be
used by both individuals and groups. This feature will be rolled out to users everywhere and
applied on Android, iOS, KaiOS, Web, and Desktop versions.

Let us discuss its certain features and uses:

  • In this feature/update, there is a time limit of 7 days before the message gets automatically deleted.
  • It is available for both individuals as well as the group. In a group, the admins can use this feature by turning on the disappearing message by a group setting.
  • Your previous message will remain unchanged after turning on this update, but your new message will be disappeared after seven days.
  • Whatsapp official said that your photos and videos also be included in this feature, i.e., they also are disappeared after 7 days. But it is possible to take a screenshot, copy the message, or forward it to another user before it disappeared. 
  • If disappearing messages are forwarded to a group or chat with disappearing messages off, then the message will not be deleted after 7 days.

How to enable this update on your smartphone (Android/IOS Devices): 

  • You just need to open Whatsapp on your smartphone, then.
  • Tap the contact’s name or group if you are the admin.
  • You will find the Disappearing messages option right above the “Encryption” of the
    messages option. You can turn it on. 
  • A message will show like “The disappearing messages features has been turned on.”

You can turn off this feature by going through the same process as done previously and just
need to tap disappearing messages, then continue, and finally turn off.

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