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Email Marketing Statistics You Should Know In 2021

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Email Marketing Statistics You Should Know

Email Marketing Statistics

Many marketing channels can be explored today to boost business growth. Nevertheless, email marketing continues to be one of the most effective marketing tools you can use to engage customers and reach opportunities. With marketing emails, you can distribute content, promote your brand and cost-effectively grow hot leads.

Before going further in this article, you need to know that email marketing will be more successful if you frequently clean your email list with bulk email verification tools.

Why Use Email Marketing

Running a business is about making consistent decisions that will affect your future. One of those decisions is managing your limited resources and choosing the right marketing channels. So, why use email marketing?

Here are six inevitable reasons why email marketing is important for your business:

  1. It is less diluted than other channels. A strong email marketing campaign is easier to manage than multiple strategies targeting users across different channels.
  2. Almost everyone uses it. More than 4.03 billion people have at least one email address.
  3. It has a high return on investment (ROI). On average, an email marketing campaign generates $ 42 for every $ 1 spent, 4400 percent ROI (OptinMonster).
  4. It uses direct marketing. Messages do not depend on sending views in chronological order but are delivered directly to the user’s inbox.
  5. People demand customization. 74 percent of people hate seeing inappropriate content.
  6. It is scalable. Analyzes are easy to track for your campaigns as you own email marketing sites.

General Email Marketing Statistics

The power of marketing emails has been repeatedly questioned. Despite the many announcements that “email marketing is dead”, the following email statistics we compile show otherwise.

  1. There were an average of 306.4 billion emails per day in 2020
  2. Americans spend a total of five hours a day verifying their email
  3. Sixty-one percent of consumers want to communicate by email when interacting with brands
  4. 86% of professionals prefer their email attachments over others
  5. 58% of people say the first thing they do in the morning is to check their emails
  6. Email is the second most popular site for content sharing for 70 percent of professionals in a company or industry (Requirement General Report, 2020.

Email Marketing ROI Statistics

For any strong email marketing campaign, email marketing open rate and email marketing conversion rate are the two most important metrics for monitoring email marketing ROI. Check out these statistics on email marketing ROI and some email marketing tips for improving conversion rates.

For every $ 1 spent on email marketing, whether you use an email newsletter service or an email marketing agency, the potential ROI can average up to $ 42

When correctly done or working with the right email marketing company, your business can enjoy 4,200 percent ROI.

The average email marketing statistics you can expect about the average email marketing conversion rate are: Email Marketing Open Rate (18.0 percent), Click-Through Rate (2.6 percent), Click-to-Open Rate (14.1 percent), and Unsubscribe Rate (0.1 percent)

These may calculate averages for all industries. But what is a good email marketing open rate and email marketing conversion rate for the target? Along with other factors such as your industry, target audience, and campaign type, the outcome of each campaign plays a role in influencing email marketing statistics.

Companies are six times more likely to earn clicks from email marketing campaigns than they get from tweets

Once selected by your audience, you will license to send promotional emails, which are not available on social media. Capitalize on these email statistics by linking to a high-income, high-performance email marketing landing page.

Buyers (hatchback) spend 138 percent more on their purchases after receiving email offers

A simple email informing your audience about a particular ad may prompt them to spend more to take advantage of that deal.

If one email is sent, 10.7 percent of purchases are recovered, but sending up to three emails increases purchases by 69 percent

This is one of the most interesting marketing facts that will show you why you should always follow. Do not be afraid to send soft reminders about forgotten items to cart users. You can also offer a small discount as an incentive to complete the purchase.

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