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Facebook launches paid online events

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As a way to help entrepreneurs and revive the economy, Facebook announced Friday, August 14, that it will implement a paid button at a live event to help build a business. Nobody is aware that this long coronavirus pandemic has finally managed to push us, consumers, into the arms of the online channel. A trend that, although it had been increasing year after year, has found in the long days of confinement and in the social distancing measures the favorable breeding ground for its definitive advance at the level of society. Hidji Simo, vice president and director of social media apps, commented that page owners can create online events, set prices, promote events, collect payments, and organize events into one. Place. In fact, one of the reasons Facebook developed the tool was that its live video doubled in June 2019. By combining marketing, payment and live video, online payment events meet the needs of the company from start to end. The page can host events on Facebook Live to reach more viewers, test paid events in the messenger room and hold more personal and interactive meetings, social networks say. This allows you to organize expert talks, trivia events, podcast recordings, boxing matches, cooking classes, intimate encounters, fitness classes, and more.

But at this stage, he used to criticize Apple because they were asked to allow Facebook Pay to reduce their App Store tax by 30% or to provide Facebook Pay to collect all the costs of companies fighting during COPID-19 but they rejected our app and small businesses made 70% of their hard-earned revenue. Facebook has launched a new function that allows SMEs, large companies, content creators, educators, the media to earn money by hosting online events on the social network. Owners of Corporate Pages Digital branding company india can now create an event online, set its price, promote it, charge it and organize it from Facebook without having to resort to external companies.

This is a measure that adds to those already launched by Facebook previously to help SMEs improve their economic situation during the Covid-19 pandemic and social isolation measures, which prevent face-to-face meetings. Given this, companies can broadcast live through Facebook and transfer their events and services to the online environment to connect with Digital branding Agency india customers and find potential new
consumers of their products.

The new functionality is already available on Facebook Pages in 20 countries around the world – including Spain- as long as they comply with the monetization policies of Facebook partners to start charging for online events. Advertising Agency India On the following web page you can click and check if the Company Page we manage complies with these rules to start making money with your events.

At the moment the payment options are already available for Facebook Live, and the company is doing tests to also transfer the option of payment events to Messenger Rooms, its video calling service in which it allows up to 50 participants at the moment and with the that more personal and interactive events could be developed.

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