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Google Adds More Ways to Edit Business Profiles in Search

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Update your business profiles

Google is adding additional ways to edit business profiles directly from Search and Maps. Google now has several ways for businesses to edit the information. It contains to searchers without leaving the search or map.

This is an extension of capabilities that Google launched last year, allowing businesses to edit basic information and news clients from search results.

Businesses can now add or edit additional details such as contact info and start time. Itcreate posts to share updates from Google search. Here is an overview of all the new things businesses can do without letting search results.

The best ways to edit business profiles in search

Create posts

Creating and publishing Google Posts will never be easy for businesses because it can now be done directly from SERPs.

Google Publishing Posts for My Business lets you share updates with searchers about special offers or new products.

Starting next week, even if businesses only happen online, you can create posts about upcoming events, including when and where they happen.

Add/update services

Your business listing includes the logo, photos, and videos. To upload photos and videos, log in to your business profile on Google, select ‘Photos’. The type of photo or video you want, and then click ‘Choose Photo’ to upload.

Select a range of business-specific photos to show all aspects of your company, from exteriors to products, and then attach your profile photo.

Businesses that provide local services, such as construction, auto repair, or hair styling, may use the ‘Edit Profile’ menu in the search to update their services and, if applicable, the local areas they serve.

Accept takeout and delivery orders

Allows you to accept orders for food and business directly from their business profile on Google Search and Maps

In the coming weeks, those businesses can able to add and add online ordering options directly from Google search.

Once ordered through Google, businesses can point to order options for pick-up and delivery. Businesses can add menu items to their profile from Search and Maps by clicking ‘Edit Profile.

Help customers find products with Point

In addition to manually adding product information to business profiles via search and maps, qualified retailers in the United States can automatically add all their store product inventory to their business profile by signing up for Point from Google search.

Pointy is a Google product that eliminates the need to enter product details manually. Instead, businesses can scan items in their store, which will be added to Google My Business so customers can see what they have in stock.  Registration at Point is currently free until September 30th.

To create these updates on your business profile, start by logging into your business-related Google Account.

From there you can type in your business name or ‘My Business’ in Google search or tap your profile picture next to ‘Your Business Profile’ on Google Maps.

Handling user reviews

Occasionally, someone may leave a review that violates Google’s policy because it is dangerous, off-topic, or illegal. Businesses can’t delete reviews, so if you find something that violates the rules, you should flag it to Google.

Sign in to your business profile on Google and view ‘Reviews’ in the menu, find the inappropriate review, click the three-point menu and select ‘Flag as inappropriate.

It is not possible to delete it because the review is negative or you do not accept it. Instead, the business profile on Google allows businesses to respond publicly to reviews so customers can see both sides of the story.

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