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Google Penalty Recovery

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How to Fix Your Issues
Traffic drops can be due to many reasons, but Google Game Rules violation detection can be among the reasons for a continued radical decline in traffic. The Webmaster Tools panel of Google can give you some clues as to why this is happening.

Don’t worry; you’ve probably been too clever (willingly or unwillingly) and have been penalized, but now focus on solving it.

First thing: Find out what happened

Review the online Marketing strategies that have been used in recent months and, if possible, in the last year. Analyze each of the things that have been done and check that they all follow Google’s quality guidelines.

Many of the practices that have been previously carried out to position are now considered penal strategies for trying to manipulate search results. If an SEO has been working on your site, ask him what strategies he used, from where he created the inbound links that point to the domain and if he thinks he may have done something that can affect the positioning of the page, such as door pages, link schemes, too many Same anchor texts in the links that point to the web, purchase of links, etc.

Be especially careful with these points, which are usually the main generators of conflict due to infringement of quality policies:

*Automatically generated content.

*Participation in link schemes


*Misleading redirects

*Hidden text or links

*Entry Pages

*Content taken from other pages

*Participate in affiliate programs without adding enough value

*Load pages with irrelevant keywords

*Create pages with malicious behaviour, such as pages that impersonate or install viruses, Trojans or other malicious software

*Abusing Enriched Fragment Marking

Have you already found the problem? Now follow these steps …

Once you’ve figured out what the reason for the penalty might be, try to fix it. If it is about artificial inbound links, which is the most common problem, do the following:

Download the inbound links that point to your website and that have been registered by Webmaster tools. You will find them in traffic> Links to your site.

Please make a list of all those that may be negatively affecting because they are of low quality. If you can remove them, do so, and if you can’t, create a .txt document with them and send them through Google’s Disavow Links tool to disavow them.

If it is also in your power to eliminate some that you think may have been the reason, do not hesitate to do so. Remember that you don’t have to delete all of them, only those you feel may be damaging for your site. Links from social networks, quality directories, websites that have mentioned you in an article or similar links created naturally or with criteria do not have to be eliminated.

Request a reconsideration request from Google

If you think you’ve already done everything you need to comply with Google’s webmaster guidelines: removing problematic inbound links, disavowing links that you couldn’t remove, removing gateways, redirects, hidden texts, and all the “little things” that have been able to penalize your website, sends a request for reconsideration Google. You must indicate the site on which you want to send the reconsideration and inform in the text box of the actions you have taken to correct the penalty. Keep in mind that these reviews are manual, and once you’ve been caught, everything you do is under scrutiny.

I’ve already done all this, now what

Usually, within a week, you will receive a response through Webmaster tools, indicating the request’s resolution. If you have done everything correctly, your site will be progressively reclassified in the search engine. If you have not done everything you should, Google will send you a message saying that your site still does not meet the guidelines for webmasters, and you will have to double-check everything and repeat the procedure

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