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How Social Media Feed Aggregator Boost Your Website Growth

Social media has changed the whole scenario of the world; it is now part of people’s daily routine and businesses’ marketing strategy. Businesses cannot afford to miss out on social media from their marketing plans. Many brands now even have dedicated social media strategies just to extract an audience from the different platforms.

With the emergence of the internet, people shifted into online marketing and online shopping. As Social media is essential for the marketing strategy, the market introduced an outstanding tool – social media aggregator, that helps marketers to extract maximum benefits from social media. 

Social aggregators are amazing tools that help you to create a link between your website and social media; hence, it makes your website vibrant and strengthens your social media presence. There are various benefits of social media aggregator that we will be discussing in this article, but let us start from the basics.

What is Social media aggregator?

Social Media aggregators help you to fetch content from all over social media. It allows you to curate and customise it. And then present it in one unified presentation. You can display the feed on your website and make your website catchy and attractive.

Social media provides some amazing benefits to brands, then why not make maximum use of it. Social media provides great opportunities for your businesses to attract more audiences and enhance your customer base.

One of the best social media features is that it provides dynamic content. With all the variations, like images, texts, videos etc., social media provides a great browsing experience. You can bring that amazing content and soothing browsing experience to your website with the help of a social content aggregator.

Benefits of social media aggregators 


Businesses spend a huge amount of money on an advertising campaign to promote their brands. And with the introduction of social media, marketers found a cheaper way to promote their brands. But still, the cost of social media marketing was too much for small scale and medium scale businesses; then, social media aggregators came to the rescue. 

Social media content aggregators tool costs way less than offline and online advertising campaigns. It provides you with maximum benefits at a minimum cost. It is coding-free, and hence you don’t need to hire any developer to use this tool. Hence, saving your cost on labour resources.

It also saves your time, as it automatically fetches the content and displays it on the website. Saving your time of manually searching for the content related to your business and embedding each on the website.  

Engages your audience

Social media provides such a variety of content that it can attract anyone’s attention. Social aggregator tools are compatible to show all kinds of content, whether it is a video, image or blog. All these posts generate audience engagement on the website.

It provides timely updates on the feed, allowing the visitor to scroll through the feed and view all the content related to the business. Different types of media and feeds help to develop an interest in visitors’ minds.

You can also use social media aggregator tools like Tagembed to display social media feeds on large displays during your social gatherings. For example, if you organise a social gathering, you can promote a hashtag or special keywords that will help the tool fetch the content, and then you can display them on the digital screen. Keeping your guests and audience engaged as they go through the content on the social wall. It also inspires them to post about the event on their social media using provided keywords in anticipation to get a feature on the social wall.

Adds charm to your website

While being in the market amongst such cutthroat competition, you must create a good impression on your visitors and potential customers. As many businesses are making a huge shift from offline marketing to online stores, it becomes important for you to make your website more presentable and please the visitor.

Social feed aggregator tools help you to achieve that feat. As mentioned, these tools are compatible with showcasing images, videos, and texts. Hence, such variation of visual and text medium beautifies your website.   

Adding to that, you can customise your feed and choose from different designs, layouts, for your feed, you can even change font styles, font sizes, backgrounds etc. 

Improves your search engine ranking

Search engine rankings help get more visitors to your website, increase your brand recognition, and enhance your brand awareness.

Whenever people use a search engine to search for anything related to your business, a better search engine ranking would suggest your website to the visitor, increasing your chance to increase your sales.

As mentioned above, social media aggregator provides timely updates on the feed and hence, keeps the visitor engaged on your website, and while exploring more content, it increases the click rate of your website. Also, an interactive and engaging website increases your reputation in the market. Hence, more people would like to visit your website and explore your businesses and offers. Hence, it increases your website traffic.

Adding to that, people will be spending more time on your website, because they prefer investing their time on a website that looks beautiful and appealing compared to dull and flat websites. Hence decreasing the bounce rate of your website.

All these three factors: Increasing mouse clicks, decreasing bounce rate, and increasing website traffic, helps your website to get a better search engine ranking.

Strengthen social media presence 

Social media is full of various business pages on each of its platforms. With such a huge crowd, there could be chances that people are unaware of your social media presence, or they find it difficult to track you on social media. This is where social media aggregators come in to rescue.

A social media aggregator creates a link between your website and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc . As you know that Instagram is a great source of UGC and creative content, so you can simply aggregate and embed Instagram feed on website. It provides a pathway to your visitor to acknowledge your social media presence. If he likes your content, he also has the option to follow your social media platforms.

More followers and more interaction on social media platforms help you to boost your reach on social media platforms and increase your brand awareness and recognition. 


Social media aggregators are amazing tools that strengthen your social media presence and help you to increase your sales and attain more customers. The tools are readily available in the market and are easy to install. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, set up these tools on your website and enjoy the benefits.  

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