Twitter Trends in 2021

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Twitter Trends

Twitter Trends

In 2020, Twitter became most well known for banning ex-president Trump from its platform. Also, increasing the number of characters that viewers can use to send messages. While the core functionality of Twitter remains the same for its 200 million daily users. Here are some Twitter trends 2021

The periscope is out

A minor functional change for Twitter is that it will no longer have the live streaming periscope app; what this means is that you will no longer need to have a second periscope profile to connect; all you do is go Live on Twitter as you would do on any other social media platform.


Many people do not use Twitter because of the fear that their texts may remain online and someday come to haunt them. Well now Twitter has introduced Fleets, which is the same as a normal tweet, but it automatically disappears after 1 day. With a fleeting twit, some people may feel more comfortable and it does offer some degree of security because it is short-lasting. Access to fleets will occur gradually and will also offer much of the same bells and whistles as the traditional Twitter format. However, it is not exactly 100% safe because readers can take a screenshot, save it and bring up the tweet in the future.


One of the biggest negatives of Twitter in the past was that it did not have the capacity like many other social media platforms to have a voice conversation. Well in 2021, Twitter will have Spaces which is an audio program. It will allow one to have voice and audio communication. Spaces is still in its infancy but for people who hate writing. This audio format method of conversing will be a hit. However, each user will need to define the Space rules for users to ensure that Twitter guidelines are in play-  rest assured abusive words and cursing will not permit.


Twitter has always permitted short-form content meaning that readers usually have to go elsewhere if they want to know more about the topic that may tweet. But in 2021 expect to see Revue- which is a newsletter platform that will have long-form content. This will allow users to gather all the information from one site.

Super Follow

All social media platforms want to make money and Twitter is no different, so in 2021 creators on Twitter will be able to monetize their tweets. Just like Instagram or Youtube where creators are paid for their audios, text, etc, tweeters will now be paid for their text, photos, or audio. For example, you can get paid for offering medical or coaching advice. And if your tweets are great, expect to start making money.

Final Point

Twitter trends 2021 will change the social media platform from its short-character format to something more robust and complete that will allow both creators and audiences to enjoy the platform. But one thing is for sure – any disinformation, abusive language, or creating phony stores will not be tolerated. Happy tweeting

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