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Web development for beginners: a new learning path on Microsoft learn

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Web development

What is Microsoft Learn?

Basically, Microsoft Learn is a platform to learn about products. It is a technical source for getting startup information and gaining technical knowledge. This knowledge is gained through interactive learning, which is task-based and involves a person engaging in activities. It has about 80 hours of free content. The practical approach confirms theoretical knowledge.

Learning content at Microsoft Learn is available in 23 different languages, making it easy for billions of people to learn. Includes various areas such as Microsoft Learn Power Apps, Azure. Such a coding environment is provided in Microsoft learning, which enables a person to do gradual learning in the form of exercises.

You can get a consistent check on learning, thereby ensuring tracking progress to help you earn points and advance levels. It offers a complete learning program for beginners who want to advance in web development. But they do not know where to start. Microsoft offers some great opportunities for anyone interested in learning successful web developers.

How Microsoft Learn helps?

Top information in the field of information technology is required to keep abreast of modern and technological developments in various fields. Microsoft Learn aims to empower every IT administrator or web developer who wants to achieve greater in the field of information technology. Even professionals need to get them updated every time because of the addition of new information that provides innovative approaches regularly. With Microsoft Learn, you can get guidance on different services and products. If you want to create a future in web development, you need to know about these products.

Contents of Microsoft Learn

Includes a variety of content including Microsoft Learn Administrator, Microsoft 365, Azure Developer, Stock-Based Training for Power Apps, and Solution Architects. This includes content for Display and Office Studio and Microsoft Power PI. However, it also aims to offer its services to many Microsoft products.

Features of Microsoft Learn available after a Person Gets Sign in there

You can get different features to have an early source for comprehensive learning. It is possible to use Azure resources for free when you get there. Option to save bookmarks view customized suggestions, and more. You can monitor progress by keeping an eye on learning activities. Also, it makes it easy to create blocks and share their set.

Web Development Program

Web Dev. For beginners path

There are 16 million web developers in the world today. Half of them, 8 million are web developers. So web development is a good skill because you are looking to start that first job and create a career in technology. It covers all from HTML, CSS, JavaScript to access.

Intro to programming

It is a way to instruct your machine to do things for you. Creating a webpage by running reports is not a simple script or why computer game. The possibilities are endless. You need some kind of text editor to type everything, we provide it in this first volume. 

Accessibility on the Web

Not everyone has the right eyesight or can see or even see the colors you make. When you as a developer create programs, you need to realize that you need to include everyone. You have specific tags and approaches to make your app usable by anyone, regardless of disability. Be inclusive and build great applications.

JavaScript variables and data types

One of the most famous programming languages ​​in the recent period is JavaScript. JavaScript can be used in the browser to create an interactive experience, but it can also be used in the backend to create applications and databases that can talk to APIs and other services. Learn how to think in programming by introducing the concept of variables and data types.

Functions in JavaScript

When you start, you can keep all your code statements in one file. But there is a way to organize your code so you can make it more readable and reusable. What you can do is create named areas, functions that can be called whenever you need to do a task for yourself.

Decisions with IF/ELSE

Your code can run differently depending on the values ​​of different variables or some other level. Having that flexibility makes your app users in a variety of situations. Learn about IF, ELSE, and more.

Arrays and loops

Sometimes your data will take the form of a list. Imagine a recipe or an ice cream menu or why not get things done. Lists make it possible to store more than one, and there are potential constructions to run lists and get what you need from their amount or the highest value and more.


Microsoft Learn is the easiest way to step into the world of web development. It makes it easy for beginners to learn and allows them to build their future as successful web developers.

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