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How to Create a Brand Persona

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To define what personal branding is, you like to deviate a bit from what Wikipedia gives you, and you usually define it as a “mark we leave for people.” And that’s what personal brands are out of your control. It’s not what you’re saying; it’s what others are aware of you.

1. Patience will be your best ally.
Personal vests aren’t made overnight; they’re long-distance races that take time to complete, not to mention long-distance races that don’t stop. There are always cases where personal brands grow as fast as bubbles, but that’s not the case either. Some people have been working on their brand for years and haven’t achieved any results.

2. Not easy
There is no shortcut to the top. It’s very clear. If it’s easy to create a personal brand, everyone will do it (well). And that’s one of the things you work on for your brand, and another very different thing is that you make it work. Working on a personal brand on a blog, as in my case, requires a lot of discipline. Statistics show that 95% of bloggers abandon their blog within a year, and lack of motivation is the number one cause of abandonment.

You might think you can build your brand without a blog, but you need to know that while some have achieved it, the number is very small.

3. if there is no change, there is no reward
You need to be very consistent; random hits are useless. The moment you decide to write at least one article a week, you will start to notice something, but definitely, you will decide to post every day (except weekends) because there is a big difference in the way blogs are viewed around the world.

4. Planning is the key
Setting goals, defining strategies to achieve them, and planning those strategies on a calendar is the best thing you can do in a day.

5. Your passion shows your way
When lack of motivation fails, when there are no results, when you want to throw a towel, your passion for what you are doing is the only thing that allows you to continue. That’s why it’s so important to do what you like.

Benefits of personal branding

There are several benefits of personal branding, and from my point of view, these are the most important.

1. Anyone can work on their brand.
You would say it’s more mandatory than optional. Moreover, achieving this is often synonymous with work and financial freedom.

2. Does not require large resources or large investment.
It’s within reach of everyone to get started. You can start working on your blog or personal domain, create a logo, or create an account with different social profiles without spending too much money.

3. You will be different
There are still some sectors where your professionals haven’t worked on their brand yet, which is an opportunity for other professionals who want to make this situation stand out.

4. Opportunities to monetize in different ways.
Finding a job, launching a project, servicing, selling a product, training, or holding a meeting are some of the ways to monetize your personal brand.

5. Personal brands are flexible, adaptable and not static, so they will evolve with you.
Often, some experts ask what is good if you work under your brand or if you work under your own brand. 

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