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10 Best Ecommerce Digital Marketing Strategies 2022

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10 Best Ecommerce Digital Marketing Strategies

Ecommerce Digital Marketing Strategies

Flashing and flaunting products in front of the targeted buyers is one of the core objectives of any business. Whether your store is a physical or an online one, you cannot ignore the power of marketing if you want to shine and beat the competition.

This digital era calls for modernization and the majority of the promotional activities are done online now. If you have an eCommerce store, this is the only chance to showcase your products, which is all the more reason to adopt different marketing tricks and techniques.

Now, if you are wondering which eCommerce digital marketing strategy you need to adopt in 2022 to make a splash and establish your brand identity, I would say look no further!

Be with me as I take you through 10 of the best eCommerce digital marketing strategies which are trending in 2022.

Let’s get started!

Ecommerce Marketing

When you start an eCommerce business, you start with some goals and dreams. The first is to make as much profit as possible, of course. But besides that, you also grow the urge of being known and popular. Marketing is the only way to accomplish that. 

Ecommerce marketing includes all the promotional activities and tactics used to grab the attention of the buyers and drive huge traffic towards one’s business. It is not enough if you have excellent products and amazing services. People need to know about that and eCommerce marketing does that for you.

Importance of Digital Marketing for an Ecommerce Business

No amount of words would suffice to describe the importance that digital marketing holds for any business in today’s date. The ongoing pandemic has rather made it mandatory for businesses to go online. This has subsequently opened up brand new doors of digital marketing in the industry. 

If you are still thinking about why you should adopt the latest tricks and strategies of digital marketing, let me help you.

Check out the wonders digital marketing can do for your eCommerce business- 

Millions of Targeted Customers

People are always online all the time now. So it gets much easier to grab the attention of people on online platforms. Besides, the techniques of digital marketing allow you to target and attract millions of people at the same time. Amazing, right?

However, it is a challenge for business owners to understand which of the platforms to focus on and which of the techniques to use. Thorough market research can be a great help in that. 

Influencing the Buyers

Besides being able to reach such a vast number of buyers, you also get the leverage of influencing and motivating them through different digital marketing strategies. The unbelievable competition in the business industry is no surprise to us. So, if you want to make people buy stuff from you, you must influence them positively. 

Direct Engagement With the Buyers

If you want to establish your brand identity, you must have good communication and relationship with your buyers. And what better way there is to engage with people than online platforms, right? 

Through an eCommerce digital marketing strategy, you can get direct access to your customers which will help you in understanding their preferences and feedback, and trust me, this can take your business a long way!

Less Operational Expenses 

Digital marketing techniques can also be used to lessen the operational expenses of the business. By using modern technologies of marketing effectively, you can save both your time and money while maintaining the quality of your service and products.

Need I say more to convince you to adopt cool digital marketing techniques? 

Well, I do not think so.

Things to Remember Before you Make a Digital Marketing Plan

There are certain things that you must consider researching before you get on board with a digital marketing plan for your eCommerce business. I am identifying some vital ones here-

  • Know your strengths and weaknesses: If you do not know your strengths and weaknesses, you cannot choose the most appropriate marketing strategy. There are some Unique Selling Points (USPs) of your business. Exhibit them in front of the targeted people in the most attractive ways possible. 
  • Understand the behavior and preferences of your customer base: First, you have to target your customers. Then you have to study their behavior, preferences, and buying patterns. This will lead you to understand which kinds of activities will attract the most and how you can use digital marketing for e-commerce business.
  • Fix attainable goals: When you will learn about your strengths and weaknesses, you will automatically understand which goals would be attainable for you. There is no point in targeting unrealistic goals. Yes, you will grow and evolve with time. But you have to get there one step at a time. 

10 Best Ecommerce Digital Marketing Strategies for 2022

Although there are quite several excellent digital marketing strategies that are seen to be working out amazingly for many eCommerce businesses, there are still some of them which are worthy of mentioning and trying out first, especially in 2022. 

Let’s talk about those, shall we?

1 Ensuring Mobile Shopping Experience

Most of the shoppers prefer to purchase through their mobile phones. This is because it is easier and they are usually on their phone when they see any product. So, you need to ensure that the mobile functionality of your eCommerce store is top-notch. 

Make the navigation easy and smooth for them so that they can have a seamless experience and do not feel annoyed for a second even if they are on your store page for an hour selecting this or that!

2 Using Social Media to the Fullest

Words will fall short if I start describing how very important social media is for your eCommerce business on today’s date, which is why using these platforms to the fullest is an unavoidable digital marketing strategy for your business.

Here’s a scenario. You are on your phone watching a random video on Facebook. You will certainly see a promotional ad for any product or company in the middle. The same thing happens when you scroll through any of your social media pages.

Don’t you think, you too should use this excellent opportunity to gently nudge your customers?

Different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. have become an inseparable part of life for billions of people today. This has made it unbelievably easy for business owners to interact directly with their customers on these platforms and to influence their buying personas as well. 

You need to know the right way to engage with your buyers and the right way to make them motivated. If you can do everything as you should, it is guaranteed you will have a very loyal customer base within no time!

Social media platforms are extremely easy to use and these are also the most useful, which is why it is a must for business owners to learn how to put these to use effectively. It is one of the core e-commerce marketing strategies for beginners. 

3 Influencer Marketing

This marketing strategy has been talk-of-the-town for quite some time now. 

Now, what is Influencer Marketing?

Well, first you need to know who influencers are. They are content creators who make high-quality content on various social media platforms. They have a huge follower base on these platforms who follow their actions and words quite impulsively. This makes it easier for them to motivate and sway people towards any concept or product. 

Influencer marketing is the process that you can use to let people know about your products and services and to influence them to buy them through the influencers.

People usually love and follow these influencers and when they review any product or use those themselves, people trust the product and company too. It acts as social proof of your products.

4 Google Shopping Ads

One of the easiest yet most effective ways of marketing your business and products is using the option of Google shopping ads. This is an opportunity offered by Google for online retailers to display their products with detailed information in front of the targeted customers to attract them. 

Shopping ads have always been a great marketing tool for online business owners as it doesn’t require spending a huge amount of money for promotion and also because they have a reach to millions of people who would genuinely be interested in buying the products. 

The process of advertising through shopping ads is pretty easy. All you have to do is create an account on Google Merchant Center and make a structured well detailed product feed to deliver to the shopping channels which can then be used by the channels to promote your store. 

An ideal product feed contains all the information related to your products, like price, categories, currencies, images, and so on. Ensure that your product feed contains all the information which could be wanted by Google for displaying your products in the most attractive and ideal way possible. You also have to be careful to put all these in the right format and structure. 

There are loads of amazing product feed plugins in platforms like WooCommerce which can come to your aid while making a good product that can get approved without any trouble or delay. 

Naturally, you will want to make as much exposure as possible and for that, you would have to operate on as many marketing channels as possible. That is why you need to be careful and choosy while selecting the WooCommerce product feed plugin for your business and choose one which supports the maximum number of channels. 

5 Uploading Product Videos

Even with the tremendous surge of online shopping, there are still some people who prefer to buy their stuff from physical stores. 

Do you know why?

Because they cannot trust the quality of the products they cannot touch or see upfront. Well, you cannot possibly do that if you have an online store, but there is a close solution to that- uploading and sharing videos of your products. 

You can even do an interactive live session that can allow your customers to have a closer look at your products. They can put forward their queries directly during the live and you can answer those then and there.

Besides, if your product is something that needs a guideline for people to understand the concept or to fix it, you can create how-to videos or tutorials. This can create a great impact on your buyers. 

6 Providing Live Support

Live support or instant chat is one of the most effective ways of customer service. This is mainly because of the promptness it delivers. It might not be the best eCommerce digital marketing strategy, but it has proved to be extremely effective for eCommerce business owners.

People are rather impatient nowadays and when their problems are solved without any delay and there is someone right there to handle their issues, it gives them much relief and it ultimately creates a soft corner and reliability within them for the brand. 

7 Making Use of User Generated Content

User-generated content is simply the content created by the users of the products about the products. This has become quite a popular trend of marketing in recent years. 

These contents empower the buyers with the right to engage with the brand and the company through their creative and unique ideas. Your products come to life when people share their thoughts on those on different platforms in front of thousands and thousands of people.

Besides, usually, these contents get a lot of shares which is why, the possibility of your product getting viral is too high, which means more conversions for your business.

Isn’t it natural that the buyers will believe other buyers more than they believe you? That’s what user-generated contents do for you. 

Let’s give you an example of how to use it. 

The hashtag game is strong now, thanks to Instagram. What you can do is create a specific hashtag and encourage people to use that hashtag while featuring your product. 

This is just an example. There are tons of creative ideas for user-generated content. Find the one which works the best for your eCommerce business and get on with it!

8 Applying AR Technologies

The world is moving forward at a high pace with every passing second and you cannot sit back if you want your business to grow. Futuristic technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) can take your business to a completely new level. 

With the help of these technologies, you can offer your customers multiple personalized options which was a matter of dream for many in the past. 

For instance, if you own a clothing store, you can help the customers to try their fit through an app/software. They can also check which color or design suits them the best. This is just like what they could have done in any physical store but it’s only better as they do not need to step out of their house for that anymore.

Offering these options can create a huge buzz about your company in the industry, especially among the youngsters, allowing you to grab their attention and boost your sales like crazy!

So, why should you wait? 

Jump on the bandwagon and give your customers the shopping experience of their dreams! 

9 Utilizing the Opportunity of Email Marketing

This might have been a good old digital marketing technique for many years, it is safe to say that email marketing is still on the trend in 2022. 

This is the easiest way to maintain good and regular communication with the customers. This personal communication can take your business a long way as the buyers appreciate it a lot when you check up on them, inform them about different ongoing offers, sales, or new additions personally. 

Email marketing is usually applied to people who already bought something from you. This technique increases the chances of a second or multi-purchase by a great deal. 

10 Arranging Online Contests

Another effective strategy to make people aware of your brand and products is arranging contests or giveaways. People are rather eager to participate in these contests now. Use that and enjoy a huge number of new leads. 

When people participate in a contest as such, they usually share it with their friends and family members and also on their social media accounts, which ultimately gives you more reach for your business. 

Ending Note

There is no alternative to digital marketing in this era. The bells and whistles of digital marketing will help you in creating a strong footprint in the business world. You would be remiss if you do not adopt all the cool and trendy marketing trends for your eCommerce business. 

The digital marketing strategies which I have mentioned here are already tested and have been proved to be extremely effective. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Try these out soon and make 2022 your year!

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