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Google SEO tools that might help you grow your website

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what are the Best Google SEO tools

Google, thankfully, is also happy to provide us – SEOs – with an increasing number of super usefulgoogleSEO tools to help us better understand, diagnose, and optimize website information, as well as raise the bar for websites.

This time, we at artists compiled a list of  SEO tools that every SEO should be aware of and employ. Aartisto enjoys creating lengthy lists and checklists of useful SEO information.

Ready? Let’ start right away.

Google Search Console (GSC)

Also, GSC is the best tool for evaluating your website’s indexability, performance, organic traffic, safety issues, handling, page experience, and other factors.

Google Search Console insights

Insights from Google Search Console is Google’s brand new SEO tool. Hence It gives you an idea of how to search your website’s content.

GSC Core Web Vitals

The GSC Vital website report provides information on the performance of your websites based on data from real-world usage.

GSC mobile usability report

With Google Search Console’s Mobile Usability Report, you can learn about any issues your website may cause when viewed on mobile devices.

GSC Coverage report

The Google Search Console Coverage report provides information on indexing website pages as well as a variety of URLs that have issues scrolling and indexing Googlebot.

GSC Sitemaps report

Sitemaps report Google Search Console displays information about the site maps that have been submitted.

The GSC AMP report

The Google Search Console AMP report can help you resolve issues that prevent AMP Pages from appearing in Google search results.

GSC manual action report

When it determines that the search engine pages on a specific Internet site do not meet the webmaster quality guidelines, it takes manual action.

GSC Safety Issues report

The GSC security report compiles a list of all signs that your website has been hacked as well as any actions on your website that could harm a user or their computer system.

Report on GSC Links

In the Links report, you can view and analyze your site’s backlinks. Also, The tool displays the total number of external links, as well as the most popular links and text.

The Google Disavow Tool

Google Disavow is a tool available in the GSC However because it is a sophisticated tool. It is not accessible via the GSC interface.

Report on GSC Statistics Crawl

The Google Search Console statistics report summarises and details Google’s crawling history on your website (over the last 90 days).

Crawl Rate Settings in Google Search Console

With the Google Search Console Crawl Rate Settings, you can specify whether it wants to optimize the crawl rate or limit the peak crawl rate.

URL Inspection tool

The URL Inspection Tool was created to provide information on the status of Google’s index.

URL parameter

A URL parameter is a dynamically defined value contained within the URL of a specific page.

URL removal tool

The URL Removes tool allows you to quickly delete specific pages from Google Search.

Remove outdated content tool

The Content Outdated Tool removes images and pages from it, and also all pages that remove critical or sensitive information will show the most recent search result.

International Targeting Report

One of the most underutilized but critical Google SEO tools is the International Targeting Report.

Address Modification Tool

The Change in Address Tool allows website owners to notify Google of a change in their website address, such as moving to a different domain.

Robots.txt tester

The Robots.txt Tester can determine whether a robots.txt file prevents Web-Crawlers from accessing specific URLs on your website, as well as whether the file contains any errors or warnings.

Mobile friendly test

The Mobile-Friendly Test assists you in determining so how users who access your website via mobile devices interact with it.

Google PageSpeedinsight

This PageSpeed Insights tool generates a report on a webpage’s performance on both desktop and mobile devices, as well as recommendations for improving that performance.


This open-source automated tool was created to assist you in improving the quality of your website. Lighthouse conducts four different audits to evaluate website performance from a variety of perspectives, including performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEOs. Measure

The web. dev measurement tool evaluates your website’s performance and best practices in key areas such as performance (such as HTTPS), SEO, and accessibility.

Chrome DevTools

 As the name implies, Chrome DevTools are built into Chrome’s browser. Google Structured Data Testing Tool is a tool this user can use to test and analyze structured data on their websites.

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