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How to use a Remarketing Strategy to get more leads

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Remarketing Strategy

Demand creation is a constant struggle for any business. Every remarketing strategy you use has a budget – and every dollar counts. But despite all of your marketing efforts, statistics show that only 3 percent of first-time visitors end up buying, which means 97 percent of your potential customers are lost.

Uses tactics to bring back previous audiences and finally give them another chance to change. Re-marketing is a similar concept because it seeks to bring back previous customers. But it also forces those who have already made purchases to do so again and again.

Remarketing also does. In fact, both are the best strategies to implement to increase the effectiveness of your leading generation and alternative strategies. Also to improve your marketing return on investment (ROI).

How does the Retargeting work?

A restoration campaign is performed by using tracking pixels or cookies to record user behavior from the moment they land on your domain until they leave. Redirecting a domain that uses Ridarget ads through these pixels or cookies provided by third-party networks such as Google and Facebook works.

It provides an idea of ​​how easily a social media marketing agency can retrieve ads pointing to similar products by clicking on any vague link.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing uses email to re-engage previous customers and get them to do business with you again. This is usually done through remarketing emails, which means pre-selected customers can receive re-marketing emails from you.

While there are similarities to a Retargeting and remarketing strategy, they are both aimed at re-engaging those who have been in contact with your business before, they traditionally use different channels and use different methods. Social media marketing professionals often use the Retargeting campaign for the leading generation, while remarketing emails are commonly used for customer retention.

When do I use the Retargeting campaign during the Remarketing strategy?

Basically, having both remarketing and Retargeting strategies will do wonders for your business. Consumer goods company Kimberly-Clark saw a 60 percent conversion rate from their website visitors thanks to their strategy of rearranging Google ads.

Meanwhile, eMarketer, a social media marketing company reporting tool, reported that 81 percent of customers are likely to make additional purchases when they receive a remarketing email.

Choose retargeting if:

  • You want to attract new customers
  • The bounce rate of your website is high
  • You do not have a list of prospective email addresses

Choose Remarketing if:

  • You want to re-engage past or current customers
  • Your Google Ridarjetting or Facebook Ridarjetting does not have an advertising budget
  • You already have an email list of customers

What channels can I use for my Retargeting and Remarketing strategy?

Conducting both a Retargeting and remarketing campaign helps you create a complete sales funnel that integrates all of your target customers. Other than Google Restart, which channels can a social media marketing company use for social media retargeting? This section shares recommendations from social media marketing experts.

Aside from Google, any social media marketing expert knows that the best channels for social media Retargeting campaigns are Facebook and LinkedIn. Here’s how to set up restoration options for each channel, keeping in mind that you are already running ads on each site.

How to effectively implement Retargeting and remarketing strategy

What is Retargeting going to accomplish if your ads do not impress your audience? What does re-marketing accomplish for your business if your overall strategy is subdivided? Ask any social media marketing expert and they will tell you that the key to successful re-targeting and re-marketing is to become creative with your ads while remaining true to your goals.

1. Create a copy highlighting solutions for user pain points

With so little time available today, the best way to advertise to your Remarketing audience is the benefits of the products you sell. Keep in mind that these people have visited your website, but have not followed their purchases, meaning they have already recognized you in one way or another.

2. Show consumers the products they like

There are many reasons why customers do not follow the buying decision. Whatever their reasons may be, you can use dynamic ads showcasing similar products to give them a second look and lure them back to your website.

3. Create a sense of urgency

Humans are risk-averse species. We’d rather do something now than regret not doing it later. This is the main reason why FOMO marketing works (fear of disappearing). Creating a sense of urgency is like wanting to engage in big deals before you lose the consumer, which you should target with your retarding ads.

4. Offering discounts to customers who have abandoned carts

It can always be frustrating when your marketing efforts are wasted at the last minute. If customers drop off their carts before they check out, 88 percent of buyers do so online. Best Buy came up with a great solution: Remind customers of what they did with a Retargeting ad.

5. Cross-sell to customers

Re-engaging past customers is a key aspect of the re-marketing campaign. This cross-selling tactic works best when combined with new marketing, new product/service offers, or re-marketing emails announcing discounts and promotions you are currently offering.


Despite all of your marketing efforts, only a small percentage of your target customers will change during the first visit. You can say this for a variety of reasons, from not having enough brand recognition to a potential customer to not being ready to buy at that time.

But having extra touch points can improve sales potential, which is why Retargeting and re-marketing work. The key is to be specific when focusing on your goals to make your campaign more effective.

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