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How to Use Market Research to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

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Market research is an important part of digital marketing. You need to perform customer research before starting a new marketing campaign that will pay high dividends.

Typically, the best digital marketing strategy ROI is a ratio of  5:1 or higher after sound market research.

This means you should expect five dollars for every dollar you spend on marketing.

That’s why budgeting for market research services before starting a new digital marketing strategy or launching a new product is important.

Market research is an investment that helps eliminate risks, allows you to understand your targeted customers, and personalize your marketing campaign.

Some techniques you can use to conduct b2b market research or any market research include interviews, test marketing, focused group discussions, and surveys.

Here’s how market research helps create an effective digital marketing strategy.


  1. Define and Understand Customers Better

Market research enables you to tailor your digital marketing strategy to a specific target audience. Conducting the research helps in defining your target audience and appealing to them.

Identifying and defining your target market is critical to the success or failure of your product. Customer research enables you to segment your target market into groups and understand your audience.

Here are segments you can create after market research.

  • Demographic Segmentation

Define what forms your target market. This involves factors like their age, gender, ethnicity, and city. Market research companies can help provide and break down demographic data. This data helps in creating individualized marketing campaigns. For example, if you sell shoes, you might discover more young ladies buy shoes on social media like Facebook.

Creating more Facebook ads that target young ladies will result in more sales. If older men prefer using Google, you’ll create Google ads targeting older men.

  • Socioeconomic Segmentation

Socioeconomic segmentation relates to your target audience’s income, education, and occupation level. Customer behavior research helps understand consumer buying behavior and how to price your products.

For example, if the price of your product is too high, your customers might not be able to afford it.  That means your marketing strategy might not work.

  • Geographical Segmentation

Digital marketing allows you to reach local and international consumers. Marketing research also enables you to narrow down these consumers.

It helps you understand their geographical and religious affiliations and political beliefs. This will let you know how customers shop and transport their products.

  • Purchasing Journey

Customers are at different stages in their purchasing journey. Consumer research in marketing helps you understand each customer’s journey. For example, a b2b market research can reveal that some of your customers are in the awareness stage in their purchasing journey.

This means the type of social media posts, blogs and messages will focus on revealing more about your business, what you offer and why you are better than your competitors.

Other customers might be in the consideration purchasing stage. This means the b2b marketing strategies will differ from customers in the awareness stage. The marketing content will focus more on the benefits of your products and services.

  • Brand Affinity

Knowing if consumers are willing to stick to a particular brand even if there are other options will help inform your marketing strategy. Brand affinity helps you understand customer behavior and their emotional connection to a specific brand.


  1. Measure the Effectiveness of Marketing

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    Research guides market research companies in decision-making. Professional researchers exchange the most effective ideas to create different campaigns for different clients.

    Researching articles, dictionaries, webinars, and tools provide insights and world-class solutions businesses need to take their marketing research to a higher level.

    For example, marketing research provides business intelligence that enables you to know the effectiveness of a particular marketing campaign. It also allows the best market research companies to test various factors on different platforms.

    1. Consumer Behavior Research in Pre Campaign Testing

    Before launching, pre-marketing campaign testing enables you to understand your digital marketing strategy. Performing a pre-campaign test helps ensure you use the best digital marketing strategy. It helps to eliminate errors and save time and money.

    Researching what your competitors are doing is one of the ways you can do pre-campaign testing. This kind of competitive research enables you to know the position of your competitors in the industry. It also helps you to understand what’s making competitors successful and what they are doing wrong.

    Identifying your competitors’ weaknesses and improving them can give you an advantage. For example, looking at how consumers respond to certain ads gives you an idea of what you need to improve in your marketing strategy.

    1. Pre and Post Evaluation of Marketing Campaigns

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      Best online marketing research companies conduct a campaign evaluation survey to test various marketing strategies.

      Research lets you know how your marketing campaign is growing and the effect of brand awareness on your target audience. It also lets you understand how your marketing research UX has improved customer engagement.

      1. Identifying New Business Opportunities

      Market research helps in identifying business opportunities and new streams of income. Identifying new business opportunities enables companies to pivot if they face certain challenges.

      The goal can be to make small or big changes, like developing a strategy to change a product or a business model to promote business growth.

      1. Market Research Improve Branding

      Interviewing consumers helps you gauge brand awareness among your customers. It also allows you to understand consumers’ characteristics with your business brand.

      Conducting a survey provides feedback on marketing materials such as logos, brochures, and websites.

      Focused group discussions or conducting an online survey can help you explore different topics and get feedback. Market research can help in brand positioning that will improve your business.

      Key Takeaway

      Market research helps to eliminate guesswork and enables businesses to implement effective marketing strategies. Research provides data you can use to identify what will and will not work in your digital marketing.

      It also helps you understand your customers and allows you to personalize messages that resonate with a specific audience. Having market research facilities that enable you to produce data and insights necessary for business growth is critical. It helps to save resources and produce the business results you desire.

      Meta Description

      Market research is an investment that helps eliminate marketing risks, allows you to understand your targeted customers, and personalize your marketing efforts. Here we will share what you need to know for this process.


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