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SEO Statistics You Should Know In 2021

Seo statistics you should know

SEO Statistics

Organic search is capable of capturing more than 40 percent of your total revenue. These SEO statistics were published by BrightEdge in 2014 – yet it is one of the most frequently cited statistics that fully demonstrates the transformative power of search engine optimization (SEO). Every business, regardless of size, needs SEO for its website. Whether you are a small brick and mortar business looking for local leads or a multinational company expanding its influence, improving your website for organic search should be your priority because:

  • The content you create acts as the primary touchpoint in the customer journey.
  • Optimization automates your lead generation efforts.
  • You can build trust and credibility with your opportunities and customers.
  • It improves the user experience (UX) when browsing your website, which also satisfies Google.
  • It helps to establish a local presence in your community.

A well-rounded SEO strategy will transform your business in a variety of ways. Take a look at the search engine optimization statistics we have compiled to help keep track of changes made in SEO over the years and maximize the impact of your methods. In addition, these figures will cover SEO standardization and SEO trends in 2021, which will help you prepare for the upcoming changes in the SEO landscape.

General SEO Statistics

A basic feature of SEO is understanding user behavior and the dynamics that occur in search engines. Check out the following search engine optimization statistics for general search insights to help you report your strategy.

1. Of all the traffic sources, Organic Search provides the most traffic to websites, accounting for 53 percent of all Internet traffic

The findings of this study by BrightEdge show the incredible value that search engines can bring to any business website. According to search statistics published in the survey, search engines account for 68 percent of all Internet traffic, 53 percent from organic search, and the remaining 15 percent from paid search.

2. The average click-through rate (CTR) for the first entry on search engine results pages (SERPs) is 30.52 percent. The second entry gets 12.76 percent

If you have ever wondered why you should target first place in organic search, perhaps these search engine stats can guide you in the right direction. The top input of SERPs gets 30.52 percent of all clicks on the first page, while the second entry gets 12.76 percent – which is an 88.6 percent discrepancy.

3. Google uses more than 200 ranking factors to determine search rankings

Google uses a complex algorithm that uses more than 200 ranking factors to determine the ranking of SERPs, including technical SEO, backlinks SEO, and user experience. Of these ranking factors, the quality of your content and your backlinks are considered to be the two most important signals.

4. Half of the respondents to the Marketing Survey believe that Organic Search has the best ROI of any marketing channel

In a study conducted by Search Engine Journal, more than 49 percent agreed that organic search is the best digital marketing channel because it provides the highest return on investment (ROI).

SEO Trends for 2021

Stabilize your business in the future by keeping track of the latest trends in SEO that may have an impact on your rankings.

Core Web Vitals is set to make an impact on Google rankings

Core Web Vitals was announced last year by Google as a set of factors used to measure the overall UX of a webpage. Now, these measurements are a new Google ranking factor coming out on June 15th. This is one of the most important SEO trends emerging in recent years, which is expected to have a significant impact on the rankings.

Voice search affects user search behavior

Statistics show that 75% of voice search results are in the top three and the best text snippets may answer. But more than that, voice search statistics show that 62 percent of users use their voice assistants before making a purchase.

  • Improve the optimal speed of your website.
  • Enhance your content with long-tail keywords using natural language.
  • Integrate content that may feature in rich snippets.
  • Follow local SEO stats and upgrade your website for local search.

Zero click searches are on the rise

Zero click search occurs when the user does not click on any web page after the search. This occurs when the user receives an answer to their question from meta descriptions or exclusive snippets that occupy the “zero position” of the SERPs.

According to SEO Statistics 2021, zero-click searches occur in more than 50 percent of queries. As mentioned in the voice search statistics above, one reason for this increase is the growing popularity of voice search.


In recent years, many changes have introduced in SEO, which we are now beginning to realize in 2021. Monitoring these changes is essential when developing a data-driven SEO strategy. SEO is a dynamic industry where you need to focus on trends. Also, search engine statistics to ensure that your optimization efforts lead to results.

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