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Increase Followers on your LinkedIn page

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Increase LinkedIn followers

Increase Followers for LinkedIn page

Ways that help you to increase followers on your LinkedIn page and make the most of the platform.

LinkedIn Company page helps you to develop your business. Following are the points which you can follow to raise your LinkedIn followers.

Tips to increase followers

1. Add LinkedIn “Follow” Button

Adding the LinkedIn “Follow” button to your website and blog will make it easier for people to follow you on LinkedIn. Add this follow button in the footer of your website. It will redo all the pages of your website. It is not recommended to add at the top of the page script as this will affect the loading speed.

2. Involve your employees in joining LinkedIn and ask them to add your company as their workplace.

Encourage your company employees to create and complete LinkedIn profiles – as soon as they add your company name they automatically become followers of your company page.

Encourage them to develop and complete LinkedIn profiles – once they add your company name, they will automatically become followers of your company page. This will help drive higher traffic to your LinkedIn page.

3. Promote on other social media pages

You should ask your Twitter or Facebook followers to follow your LinkedIn page. Allow them to join through the link and an attractive call-to-action. This can raise your LinkedIn followers.

4. Take part in LinkedIn groups

Joining LinkedIn Groups is a great way to highlight your company’s page and attract more followers. You can start your own discussions or contribute created by other members.

Join groups that are related to your business and people will get to know you by sharing your insights and thoughts and participating in discussions interestingly and will be eager to see your profile and page.

5. Always try to combine images in your page posts

Adding best Images will attract more attention to your page and increase your LinkedIn Followers and visibility. 

6. Promote your company page outside

Add a URL to your page in company communications like emails, newsletters, etc. Allow other people such as your followers and also key audiences to follow your company page.

7. Engage with followers and connections first

There is no point in trying to get more followers if you are not involving with your already existing followers and connections. Start by regularly liking and commenting on other page posts and sharing them.

8. Analyze your LinkedIn analytics and improve your content for maximum traffic

Check your LinkedIn reviews to see if posts attract more visitors and improve your content accordingly to get more engagement and maximum traffic.

9. Share YouTube videos in your posts

Attach URLs to YouTube videos in your posts. According to LinkedIn, followers who are involved with the posts take “double as many amplification actions such as likes, shares, and comments” as they do with posts without video posts.

10. Keep your full company name as your LinkedIn page name

This will help people to check your page when they are searching it using Google search or on-site search.

11. Share company news on your LinkedIn page

According to LinkedIn, more percentage of LinkedIn members are enthusiastic about company news.

12. Add post on the LinkedIn page at least 20 times in a month

LinkedIn research has found that regular posting of quality content will keep your followers interested and bring in new followers.

13. Post useful and quality content

Add posts that contain useful and quality content to your company page, and before you ask people to follow it, they think it will be enough to follow it. Continue to share interesting and useful information, updates, and links on your page.

14. Ask your employees to involve with your company page content

Such activities on your page will collect the interest of people who are visited your page.

15. Always fill out your perfect company profile

LinkedIn gives high preference to companies with absolute profiles in their on-site search.

16. Add a more attractive cover image to your LinkedIn page

This will always help you to receive the attention of visitors to your page.

17. Try to post your updates during busy hours

LinkedIn’s busiest hours are Monday to Friday morning and afternoon. This will make sure your post gets a higher reach.

18. Add links in your page posts

Attach links in your LinkedIn page posts wherever possible because posts with links produce more traffic compared to posts without links.

19. Enhance your LinkedIn page for search engines

Attach related keywords in your description and in your posts (particularly longer, content-heavy posts that lead to doing well in search).

20. Add multiple admins to your LinkedIn page

Appointing multiple admins. They can separate content creation and other works for different products and business lines. Encourage them to post impressive content regularly on the page and share it with their links.

21. Focus on trending topics for content

Adding posts on popular topics will attract more clicks. You can look up trending topics on social networks such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc.

22. Post content that LinkedIn members are interested in

Try to understand what members are interested in and what they involve. So you can get a high expansion to your posts.

23. Post regularly

Try to add posts usually on LinkedIn Pulse to get higher visibility.

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