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LinkedIn Marketing Hacks to get more followers for LinkedIn Company Page

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How to increase followers for your LinkedIn Company Page

What Is a LinkedIn Company Page?

A LinkedIn Company Page is a page for companies and organizations designed to connect with other companies and individuals who are interested in learning more about their brand, products, and services, or job opportunities. 

Think of your LinkedIn Company Page as a networking home site for your business that allows you to share your brand, corporate culture, company updates, and new and useful content.

21 Tips on How to Get More Followers for Your LinkedIn Company Page

Getting new followers to your center company page takes time and effort. By using our tips, you can get more followers and more channels for your P2B business.

1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page.

Firstly, Just like individual pages, your company page makes it easy to find what you are looking for. After that, ensure you have set the logo and a memorable custom URL. Second, double-check that your page text contains the right professional words to express your expertise.

2. Place Your URL on Annual Reports.

Quarterly and annual funds are not viewed by your investors.

Over time, they are reviewed by several sources. They end up on the desks of researchers worldwide and can even be used by students and entertainment businessmen. Make sure your URL appears before and after.

3. Share Innovative, Insightful Content.

Timely, relevant, and effective content sharing is a key to building relationships with B2B opportunities whose sales cycles can go on for several quarters. A brief “blur” at the end of each article you share will encourage your reader to visit your page.

4. Participate in LinkedIn Company Page Groups.

People visit these special forums to post questions and comments about the latest trends and emerging issues. Similarly, by providing valuable answers, you include credibility and attract LinkedIn followers.

5. Start Your Own LinkedIn Group.

Moreover, a well-run LinkedIn panel can be a powerful business machine. To get your group started right, be sure to start with “moderate” posts – so competitors don’t fish in your pond.

6. Engage With Your Followers.

Are you involving with existing company page followers? One of the best ways to engage with them is to ask thoughtful questions in your posts to encourage users to comment – don’t forget to respond as soon as your follower’s comment.

7. Tap Your Alumni Networks.

Personal alumni networks of company decision-makers are a rich resource of potential partners. Not all of them are interested in following a company’s page, but they may run to their own networks that you can tap into with the right offer or information.

8. Take Advantage of LinkedIn Premium.

LinkedIn Premium now provides huge amounts of information on industry and company trends to users.

9. Add a Follow Button to Your LinkedIn company page.

This is a simple win for any business with a website: Simply include a button on your blog or other relevant web pages that also leads visitors to follow your company page. 

10. Share More Video Content.

There is a growing interest in video content – 70 percent of P2B decision-makers watch the video throughout the entire buyer’s journey. As well as video is great for attracting attention from mobile users: Make sure your video opens and closes with your branded LinkedIn links.

11. Share More Infographics for LinkedIn company page.

Post them on LinkedIn and other social networks, and archive like SlideShare. Similarly, label each infographic with your LinkedIn page as the source, and viewers will follow the links back to you.

12. Promote Your Page on Other Social Media Channels.

A quick and simple way to get followers is by advertising your LinkedIn Company Page through your other social media marketing channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

13. Add Your LinkedIn link to Business Cards and Other Stationery.

Things have changed, but business cards are not dead yet. Nothing will hang around the office, as well as a business card.

14. Enlist the Help of Advocates.

Motivate employees to add your company as their current place of employment in your personal profiles. Hence, by doing this, they will automatically become followers who can interact with the content of your company page.

15. Leverage LinkedIn throughout Your Content Ecosystem.

This is one of the ironclad laws of incoming marketing: Every content can become more.

Blogs can turn into white papers or case studies, case studies can turn into videos, videos can become infographics, and so on. At every step, always pay attention to your LinkedIn URL.

16. Leverage Your YouTube Content.

If you have a YouTube channel, complete your video notes or credits to preview links to your LinkedIn Company page. If people like your YouTube content, they will enjoy your LinkedIn content.

17. Release Presentation Decks on SlideShare.

Slideshow is a LinkedIn hosting service that provides professional content in a variety of formats, including presentations, infographics, and documentation.

18. Include Your URL on Promotional Items.

Besides depending on your industry, there may be various kinds of different promotional items you provide to prospects and customers.

19. Highlight Your LinkedIn in Your Newsletters.

When you send an email newsletter, you have the opportunity to capture attention and immediate action. It may be worthwhile to send an email blast exclusively to point to your LinkedIn.

20. Add Your Link to Your Case Studies.

Case studies make your solutions more relevant by demonstrating to others how well they work under your target audience.

You can subtly improve your case studies by adding your preferred web address below the page numbers.

21. Follow Other LinkedIn Company page in Your Industry.

Find your competitors and other thought leaders in your company. Engage with their content and they will give you back.

You can also choose to invite the groups you have joined to keep abreast of new updates or information for your industry


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