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Mobile App Marketing Strategies to Get Quick Downloads

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Mobile App Marketing Strategies to Get Quick Downloads

Mobile App Marketing

With nearly 4 million mobile app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, users have plenty of options for mobile shopping, entertainment, health, productivity, finance, and other services. With more apps available on the market, it’s more important than ever for small business owners and marketers to develop specific marketing strategies for their mobile app.

Mobile App Marketing Strategies

Choose a well-designed app icon

Consumers are driven by visual cues. That means your app icon should be more than an afterthought. Your app’s icon is the first thing a customer sees in the app store, so make sure you invest in creating something visually appealing.

Prioritize app store optimization

Most marketers are aware of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but app developers who want more downloads should speed up App Store Optimization (ASO).

Both are similar but ASO is specifically designed to increase your app’s visibility in the market.

Launch a website and blog

Effective mobile app marketing requires more than just creating a good app—you need to make sure it’s easy to find. According to marketing expert Neil Patel, you can expand your app’s reach and target your customers by linking to a website and blog.

Create a demo video

Not everyone will understand all the benefits of your app by reading a simple description or looking at a few screenshots. Creating a demo video is another way to showcase your app and increase downloads.

Measure with attribution tools and analytics

You can get the most out of your marketing efforts by measuring downloads and learning so you can learn and invest in the most effective channels and make necessary adjustments to channels that aren’t working.

Use mobile communication channels

Another technique you can use is to connect directly with your users on mobile. Whether it’s in-app messaging or push notifications, mobile-oriented channels allow you to reach your users at the right time with a targeted message.

Leverage in-app tracking

The data you collect from your existing users can help you improve your product and marketing strategies to increase your app’s downloads and engagement.

There are a variety of app monitoring tools you can use, and most start by installing a software development kit (SDK) that allows you to connect to your mobile app data. Many have features like custom tagging and behavioral tracking to give you the information you need to improve user experience and increase downloads.

Create deep links to your app

Another way to significantly increase your app downloads is to create deep links in your app that allow users to easily dive into the mobile app experience. Companies like Branch and Kochava offer this service, allowing for a seamless experience of going from web to app.

Promote on social media

Your first step is to identify your audience. If your target audience is other businesses or professionals, you may want to promote your app on LinkedIn or Twitter. Facebook and Instagram, on the other hand, are great for attracting unique consumers who are interested in products or services similar to yours.

Consider ad retargeting

One of the many benefits of having a dedicated website for your app is that you can use retargeting to run targeted ads to people who have visited you but haven’t downloaded it yet. Visitors on the fence will start seeing ads reminding them about your app on Google, Facebook, and other websites that support Google ads.

Encourage reviews and testimonials

Once potential user discovers your app, they may need some convincing that your service is reliable and valuable enough to download. This is where reviews come in handy.

Don’t forget about email marketing

Once you’ve created a website and blog dedicated to your app, you can create an embedded signup form or use a landing page to collect emails from interested parties. You can share content from your blog or related articles, continue to engage those prospects until they convert, and then link them properly with a welcome email series. When you approach email marketing strategically, you can expect a promising conversion rate.



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