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The Most Important Email Marketing Metrics & KPIs You Should Track

The Most Important Email Marketing Metrics & KPIs You Should Track

Email marketing is still one of the best methods to reach new prospects and try your luck at converting them into customers. However, things are much easier said than done, especially on paper.

The first step in crafting an email marketing campaign is to analyze your target market. Knowing your target market and their needs and preferences can help you tailor your email message to them.

However, you will first need to build your email list for all that to happen. This can be one of the most challenging aspects of email marketing, but luckily,  there are some methods you can use to ensure success.

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The Importance of Email and How You Can Grow Your Subscriber List

The role email plays in marketing is still a leading one although some businesses might have sidelined it and now only use it as a supplement in their overall marketing campaign. 

Still, the ROI email marketing offers is simply staggering, and in today’s world, where we have a plethora of options to build email lists, it’s plain to see that email marketing is not just here to stay; it’s here to bring you conversions.

There are two common ways to grow your email list, the passive way or by taking matters into your own hand and entertaining website visitors while you are at it. The passive option is to sit back and wait for those that want more info out of you to fill out the forms on your “Contact Us” page.

The other, more effective way of achieving rapid email list growth is to create a win-win situation for you and your website visitors. This can be easily done with the help of pop-up messages that carry a reward for prospects, but only if they supply you with their email or other forms of contact.

Make sure that the pop-up is well-designed and the incentive is appealing enough to entice prospects to fill out your lead capture form. 


Keeping Track of Your Email Marketing Sucess

Now that you know how to grow your email list, it’s time to analyze what exactly makes an email campaign successful. Keeping a close eye on the metrics will always pay off, as no business can afford to launch dead-end campaigns, so read on and find out which numbers indicate success.

Open Rate

Open rate is properly the most basic KPI that indicates whether your emails are getting opened. If they are, you can expect to see results in the form of more visitors to your site, and if prospects enjoy a solid experience there, you can also effectively turn them into paying customers. 

However, if your open rate is relatively low, you must change your approach and use better openers and titles. Or you might be facing a bigger problem. If you are not using organic methods to grow your email list such as those we mentioned above, you can’t expend to see a solid engagement. Grow your email list organically and avoid paying third parties for leads.

Bounce Rate

Keeping track of your bounce rate is a great way to determine whether your email list is actually solid. If the rate is high, it might mean that there are a lot of bots that found their place on your list.

To combat this, set up a double opt-in email list where you only include those that have filled in your form and have also confirmed their subscription as soon as the invitation was sent to their inboxes.

Click-Through Rate

This metric shows you just how many individuals have clicked on your call to action and links in your emails. If the number is high, it means that everything is sound and you are doing exactly the right thing.

However, if the number is low, you might want to change your copy and email design as soon as possible. You should also consider personalization, as it’s well-known in all industries that personalization yields better results.

Unsubscribe Rate

Lastly, you should also closely monitor how many individuals unsubscribe from your email list. There is no going around the fact that some individuals will unsubscribe regardless of what kind of value your email messages bring. 

But if there’s a pattern of significant drops when it comes to certain promotions, maybe you need to offer better deals or incentivize your prospects to make them proceed toward your website and, eventually, the checkout.

Bottom Line

Keeping track of your email marketing performance will allow you to pinpoint whether your efforts are generating favorable results or are, in fact, just costing you money. Pay attention to your email open, bounce, click-through, and unsubscribe rates to discover valuable information and use the tactics we outlined for you above to make the right adjustments if needed.

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