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The Top 10 Must-Read Branding Blogs in 2020

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Over the last decade, you have seen more and more Indian brands digitize. Companies in all sectors want to establish a digital identity. It can also be real estate, healthcare, education, and financial institutions.

What is Digital Marketing Blog?
The Digital Marketing Blog is a repository of content that covers the latest trends, techniques, strategies, tools and more in digital media. Some of these blogs are also doing research to help you understand the social media platform for your brand and how to create content for your target audience.

India’s Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs

1. Social samosa
Social Samosa was one of the first blogs to share high-tone content about digital marketing. The portal links to content and experience from specialists, graduates, and established social media managers.

2. Campaign
Launched in 2007, Campaign Idea focuses on expanding the fields of advertising, marketing and media in India. Covers are trending topics in digital media. The platform is recognized as a single source of information to support online marketers’ marketing plans.

3. my digest
The information shared on this blog is up-to-date and well researched. For example, if you need to know the key digital marketing tools for brand growth, you can find the information you need. Also, the techniques and strategies for becoming an established freelancer are readily available in MyHQ Digest. Their core business is to provide shared office space in Delhi, but they have carefully selected blogs

4. Social beat
The Social Beat blog covers a variety of topics. Your main audience is digital marketers and CMOs who want to create a presence in the online world. These provide information to help brands learn strategies that help them grow their business online. Their insights and goal-based strategies also help generate the best ROI from digital marketing efforts.

5. LI
Lighthouse Insights provides a one-stop-shop with all the information you need to know about digital marketing. They provide the latest news and trends in digital media. It’s also one of the few digital marketing blogs in India that constantly interviews celebrities in the creative world. These articles contain important digital knowledge and data, so users can greatly benefit from them.

6. Frequently Asked Questions
Most users refer to the FAQ to keep the world of advertising up to date. Afaqs’ content strategy is different from most digital marketing blogs in India. Covers information about who is who in the industry and evaluates trending campaigns online. It features guest articles from famous people in the advertising world, along with social media statistics.

 7. Digital Vidya
One of the leading platforms for offering digital marketing courses, this blog covers everything about the digital world. You can find step-by-step guides for each digital platform. So whether you’re planning to launch a brand on Facebook or create an Instagram handle, you need to start here.

8. yell at me
Launched by Delhi-based blogging expert Harsh Agarwal, Shout Me Loud is one of India’s award-winning digital marketing blogs. Through its content, we provide advice on SEO, WordPress, and affiliate marketing. It’s an ideal resource for beginners who want to pursue blogging as a profitable career opportunity.  

9. Influencer
The blog is made up of information related to influencer marketing. He also shares clear and insightful tips for bloggers.

 10. Exchange four media
They have created quality content for media and advertising professionals. Over the years, it has evolved into a nifty portal that serves the entire media industry.

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